14 Pixar Movie Zoom Backgrounds To Add Some Magic To Your Next Call

Using Zoom to set up video calls with your friends is a helpful way to stay in touch from a distance. You can even make your chats a little more interesting by changing your virtual background. If you are a big Disney fan, you’ll want to try out these 14 Pixar movie Zoom backgrounds to add some magic to your next call.

Placing yourself in a Disney movie on your video chats is easy. But first, you’ll need to make sure you have Zoom version 4.6.0 on your PC or Mac, or an up-to-date version of the Zoom mobile app for iOS on an iPhone 8 or later if you’ve never used the virtual background feature before. You can also use the iOS Zoom mobile app on a fifth generation iPad or later. Next, make sure you’re set up and signed into your Zoom account. Then, from the platform’s homepage go to the Settings icon in the right corner. From there, click on the Virtual Background tab and choose the plus sign (+) to upload your desired backdrop.

To get these Disney Pixar backgrounds for Zoom, go to Disney’s blog and select its backgrounds post. From there, you can download the backgrounds using your smartphone or desktop computer by clicking on the download link below each backdrop.

1. Andy’s room from ‘Toy Story’

You can video chat with this iconic background featuring the sky-blue wallpaper with clouds from Andy’s room from the Toy Story movies.

2. The living room from ‘Up’

The heartwarming Disney-Pixar movie Up included this cozy living room from Carl Fredrickson’s house.

3. The race track from ‘Cars 3’

Make a video call alongside Lightning McQueen with this virtual background for Zoom.

4. A hall of doors from ‘Monsters, Inc.’

Make it feel like you’re working from Monsters, Inc. with this background full of bedroom doors. The only thing missing is Sully and Mike.

5. ‘Finding Nemo’ Zoom background

Imagine you’re under the sea in the coral reef with this underwater background.

6. The kitchen from ‘Ratatouille’

Channel your inner Remy, the "little chef," with this animated kitchen.

7. Zoom from outside the super mansion of ‘Incredibles 2’

Entertain your friends and show them your secret superpower with this fun background.

8. Call from ‘A Bug’s Life’

Get a chance to live in the oversized world of Flik and his pals by calling from a forest of grass.

9. ‘Inside Out’ background

This Zoom background may have you feeling Joy more than Anger, Sadness, and Disgust. Start a video chat from inside Riley’s head with this Inside Out backdrop.

10. The streets from ‘Coco’

Hop on a call from the Land of the Dead with this epic Coco background.

11. ‘WALL-E’

Chat from the Axiom with this shot of WALL-E.

12. The forest of DunBroch from ‘Brave’

The forest of DunBroch from Brave is a serene setting that’ll make you feel like you’re in Medieval Scotland like Princess Merida.

13. ‘Onward’ suburb

Get an Onward Zoom background featuring the suburb of New Mushroomton from the latest Pixar flick.

14. ‘The Good Dinosaur’

This landscape from The Good Dinosaur is a nod to Arlo and Spot’s adventures.

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