AJ Pritchard reveals secret exercise bike was brought into Love Island villa after Curtis gained weight

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They’ve made no secret of the fact that they want to become a presenting double act – and brothers AJ Pritchard and Curtis Pritchard are one step closer to making their dream a reality after launching their own podcast, AJ vs Curtis.

Each week they’re joined by a celebrity guest – including Nicola Adams, Amy Hart and Shirley Ballas – as they chat (and bicker) about a whole range of topics before going head-to-head in a quiz.

When new magazine caught up with the pair over Zoom, they get a small taste of what can be expected from their podcast. With their upbeat and positive personalities, dancers AJ and Curtis naturally bounce off each other as we chat away.

“We’re brothers and we’ve been brought up exactly the same, but I’ll do something one way and Curtis will do the polar opposite,” AJ says about their close bond. “So we do have some moments that are pure comedy.”

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Curtis adds, “People can come, find out more about us and just enjoy our laughter and our conversation.”

AJ and Curtis have also recently moved in together – along with AJ’s girlfriend Abbie Quinnen. But although they admit they get on each other’s nerves from time to time, Curtis says he loves being the third wheel in his brother’s relationship.

Here, former Strictly professional AJ, who turns 26 this week, and ex-Love Island star Curtis, 24, open up to new magazine about disagreements, going on tour next year and their ambitions for the future…

Congrats on the podcast, boys! What can we expect?

Curtis: It’s just a place where we can talk about absolutely anything. It could be hot topics or conspiracy theories and it’s just nice to have no boundaries and be able to talk rubbish.

AJ: We can get away with so much more. On shows like Strictly and The Greatest Dancer there are so many things you can’t really talk about and get away with. But we can be really cheeky and really push the boundaries on the podcast.

So what kind of things can you get away with that you couldn’t before?

AJ: A perfect example is when Curtis was on Love Island, he had an exercise bike brought into the villa because of our mum. Mum rang the producer and told him he needed an exercise bike in there. Nobody would know about that unless they listened to the podcast. And there are lots of other things, not so much secrets, but things people don’t really know about these TV shows that we take for granted because it’s normal for us, but in reality, people find it so interesting.

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Do you ever bicker?

Curtis: Absolutely. We’re not having a go at each other, but we really do take the mick out of each other. It’s good fun.

AJ: When you work with family, you know how to make a little dig here and there. You know a certain word will make them tick. It’s hilarious – especially when we’ve got guests in.

Speaking of guests, you’ve had your ex Amy Hart on the podcast, Curtis, which was a surprise for you…

Curtis: It was a surprise – thank you, AJ! We were setting up for the podcast and I wanted the microphones a certain way so we were facing each other and he was like, “No! We can’t.” I was thinking, “Why’s he being so stubborn? What’s going on?”

AJ: Curtis is being polite. It literally went into World War Four – it was extreme.

Curtis: It was. And then all of a sudden, I was like, “OK, fine. We’ll do it your way, AJ.” Then Amy popped up on the screen. I didn’t expect it. My heart skipped a beat. I was stuck for words, but it was actually really nice. We had a great catch-up.

You revealed on the podcast that your Love Island co-star Tommy Fury has been ignoring your messages…

Curtis: He still hasn’t messaged me. I know he’s got a fight coming up, so he’s going to be very focused on that. I’m using that as an excuse! [Laughs]

Is your bromance over for good, then?

Curtis: I like to see people in person and I think Tommy is very much the same. So because we haven’t been able to do that this year, I’d say the circumstances have pushed us apart.

Who would be your dream celeb to get on the podcast?

Curtis: Dwayne Johnson. Can we get a headline from this saying, “Curtis loves Dwayne Johnson?” because I really need him to notice me! [Laughs]

AJ: We spoke about this the other day. I’m not saying Dwayne Johnson isn’t realistic, because he’s a real person so we can make it happen, but we were talking seriously and we were saying that in our career, we want to be presenters, so I would really like to get Ant and Dec on for a Christmas special. Their career is so positive and they’ve always stayed at the top of the game. I think they could have such insightful words.

Curtis: I’d love to hear their secret recipe to success.

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That would be fun! How are you two finding living together?

AJ: It’s good – as long as he takes the bins out!

Curtis: It’s like a five-star all-inclusive hotel for me.

Do you ever rub each other up the wrong way?

Curtis: Oh absolutely! We’re brothers and best friends. We love each other, but we get on each other’s nerves. We have different opinions. The good thing about us is that we have the same end goals, but we just have different ways of getting to those end goals.

AJ: Is that what you’d call it, Curtis? Different ways? I don’t know if Curtis gets to the end goal sometimes!

Curtis: We both want the same thing in the end and that’s what keeps us working well together. And the thing is, I’m the only person who can put up with AJ! So that’s why it works.

Ha! AJ, your girlfriend Abbie also lives with you…

AJ: Curtis loves it because he gets free food from us.

Curtis: Wow! I offer. I’ll always pay for the food if Abbie is there. AJ can pay for his own stuff, but I will pay for Abbie. But it’s great living with Abbie. To me, she’s like a best friend, so we get along really well.

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Do you ever feel like the third wheel?

Curtis: I’m 100% a third wheel – I won’t deny it. But I don’t mind. Abbie was begging AJ to get a TV for their bedroom, so AJ ordered one and it was to go on their wall. But it didn’t fit, so I ended up with the TV in my room. So I can’t complain about third wheeling. It’s not too bad. I think one of them said I was like their kid at one point!

Do you ever pull pranks on each other?

Curtis: It’s not so much pranks, but if I hear Abbie or AJ walking somewhere, I hide behind a door and scare the heck out of them.

AJ: It’s not even funny. I’ll walk into my living room and he’ll just be sitting in the dark with nothing on. Who does that?! It’s freaky – and then he’ll just suddenly scream. It’s not normal, Curtis.

Are you both tuning into Strictly this year?

AJ: Yeah, it’s really nice to be able to sit down and feel like a normal TV show is back on. It’s very different being on the other side of the screen, but I’m loving it. It’s going to be a crazy year. The talent is so high.

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Do you have an early favourite?

Curtis: Nicola Adams. She’s very light on her feet, but she also has this massive personality and a big infectious smile. It’s really coming across in the dancing.

Curtis, one of the professionals in the group dance got mistaken for you. What did you think of that?

Curtis: I know the young lad who was mistaken for me. I’ve competed against him all my life and we both did Dancing With The Stars in Ireland. His name is Kai Widdrington. People have always said we look similar. When I watched it, apart from the big tattoo
on his arm, I understand how people mistook him for me.

You’re going back on tour next year – what can we expect?

Curtis: AJ & Curtis’s Big Night Out is bigger and better. It’s going to have a lot more comedy value to it. Also, every single show, somebody will walk away with a prize. We can’t say what the prizes are, but they’re going to be life-changing I’m telling you!

AJ: It’s a variety show and by this time next year, we feel like the nation will need that big night out. We’re known for dancing and that’s what we love, but we just love entertainment and performing.

What’s next for you?

Curtis: We’d love to be working together and having our own big shiny floor Saturday night TV programme and also owning the rights to it. We’re getting all of these different things under our belts and then we want our own programme. It’s just about growing that brand.

AJ vs Curtis, A Global Original Podcast, is available now

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