‘Alfie Boe won’t be happy!’ Jason Manford’s admission after Masked Singer UK remarks

Loose Women: Jason Manford performs a Christmas song

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Jason Manford, 40, appeared in the UK’s first series of The Masked Singer as Hedgehog, finishing in second place. The comedian has now shared exclusively with Express.co.uk that many mistook him for legendary singer Alfie Boe, 48, before his mask came off.

Bl**dy hell Alfie won’t be happy.

Jason Manford

Jason’s season was won by Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts, who was disguised as the Queen Bee.

Speaking about his time in the show, Jason said: “It’s a funny one as anyone who knows me not just personally but my fans and those who have followed me all know I can sing. I have [done] four musicals, I’ve had an album, I’ve done all this stuff.

“But obviously the general public, everybody else, it was a real shock and I think that really played to my strengths.

“As much as it is a singing show it’s a guess who competition, it’s a guessing game and that’s what keeps people guessing.

“A bit like Adele, not her level but I talk like this but I can sing like that.

“That’s what I quite enjoyed, that sort of, ‘Is it Alfie Boe?’ I remember thinking, bl**dy hell Alfie won’t be happy.”

Jason comes from a family of singers and musicians and sings regularly with them, even being taught to sing in an operatic style in 2011 on the show Born to Shine.

Jason did not tell any of his family he was taking part in The Masked Singer, with his young daughter put out on being kept out the loop.

He said: “I actually didn’t tell any of my family I was doing it, I told my wife obviously but I didn’t tell my kids.

“They watched the final as it went out and my daughter was at a sleepover.

“All her friends were saying ‘That’s your daddy’ and she was like ‘I think I would know if that was my dad’. Obviously when the head came off she was absolutely fuming.”

So far in the latest season of The Masked Singer, two celebrities have been unmasked.

Gloria Hunniford was revealed as Snow Leopard in the second episode of the show on Sunday night.

Viewers also met the other celebrities, including Bagpipes, Rockhopper, Poodle, Panda and Traffic Cone.

The first celebrity to be unmasked was Heather Small, the lead singer of the group M People.

Jason has just recently been announced as the host for the National Lottery’s Big Night of Musicals.

Talking about the show, he said: “They’ve done it as a thank you essentially to the theatres, as they have been hit the hardest out of most industries [by the pandemic].

“We were the first ones to be cancelled and the last ones to come back, and we’ve been on this constant ‘will they, won’t they’ ever since really.”

The first 7,000 tickets released for The National Lottery’s Big Night Of Musicals have already been claimed but a further 3,000 tickets will be available from 9am on Friday here: www.BigNightOfMusicals.Com

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