Ashley Martson: TLC Barely Paid Me for All My Pain and Suffering!

It was weeks after Ashley Martson announced her (latest) split with cheating husband Jay Smith that she admitted the truth:

Yes, Jay had cheated again. She apologized for lying to fans.

Now, the 90 Day Fiance alum is opening up about how she's feeling nearly two months into this new divorce.

She confirms that she has filed for divorce again, sharing how she is coping with her seemingly unending marital saga.

Ashley shares her thoughts on getting "even" with Jay.

It's unclear if her plan will work.

She has also answered a fan's question, totally slamming TLC for what many in the industry describe as shockingly low pay for stars of such a successful franchise.

1.Ashley is … coping

2.Ashley and Jay's marriage had a lot of low points

3.But it was over

4.He signed the papers!

5.She even joked about her "next" boyfriend

6.About that …

7.SURELY she was trolling … right?

8.Or just sheltering in place together?

9.They were even talking about the future

10.Their reconciliation paid dividends

11.And a major milestone

12.One month later

13.Weirdly …

14.She even seemed to blame herself

15.She's making a clean break

16.She owns that tattoo shop

17.She's deep in her feelings about it

18.Also, she lied


20.She regrets her fib

21.She's moving on

22.How much did TLC pay her for her troubles?

23.She's not out for revenge

24.She's coping

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