Ben Affleck Looks Unrecognizable After Shaving His Iconic Beard Off In Reunion Video With Matt Damon

Ben Affleck is showing off a brand new youthful look, after shaving off his trademark beard. We’ve got his sexy facial-hair free makover.

It’s been awhile since fans have seen Ben Affleck without a beard. Now he’s showing off his chiseled jaw and youthful good looks after a fresh shave. The 48-year-old actor/director reunited with longtime best pal Matt Damon, 50, to offer up a meal and hang out session with the besties for a good cause. The men are teaming up with Omaze to pledge a dinner in Hollywood for whoever has the highest bid, with the proceeds going to Ben’s charity, Eastern Congo Initiative. The Argo star shared the video with Matt to his Instagram page on Oct. 15.

Matt and I have joined forces with @omaze to offer you the chance to come and hang out with us in Hollywood (once it’s safe to travel) and help @easterncongo & @water provide resources and support to communities in need.  Enter now at (link in bio) Over 10 years ago, Whitney Williams and I founded the @easterncongo Initiative to help support people in the region. After enduring a generation of armed conflict (and the recent struggles that the entire world has faced during this global pandemic), the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s brilliance, creativity and determination shows the rest of us what's possible.

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The two pals hilarious played off of their close relationship, arguing back and forth about how to make their Omaze dinner pitch more enticing for bidders, with Ben saying that they needed to “spice it up” and “make it appealing.” He suggested they say, “Hey, come see Jason Bourne and Batman!” to which Matt asked, “Is Robert Pattinson, coming?” referring to how the 34-year-old actor has taken over as Batman in Warner Bros. new DC Comics origin story.

Ben then snarked, “No, Jeremy Renner will be there though,” referring to the actor’s role in 2012’s The Bourne Legacy. Matt fired back, “Jeremy Renner did not play Jason Bourne. He expanded the Bourne Universe,” while Ben declared, “He improved on it.” Matt then outright told his pal, “Pattinson took your job.” Brutal!

Ben famously played the dark superhero role in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and 2017’s Justice League, but never got his own solo Batman film. In those movies he went unshaven, so that his strong jawline and chin dimple looked so amazing in the Batsuit costume. But in Ben’s most recent films, 2020’s drama The Way Back, 2019’s action thriller Triple Frontier, the actor sported his heavy beard. In May 2020, Ben appeared to have dyed the grey out of his beard, as it went from being a sexy salt and pepper to dark brown overnight. Maybe now it’s just easier to be clean shaven than deal with any facial greys.

Ben looked so healthy and trim in the video, appearing to have lost weight. He has been in a committed relationship with actress Ana de Armas, 32, for the better part of 2020, and his happiness seems to have rubbed off in Ben’s appearance. With some of the personal struggles the Oscar winner had dealt with in the past couple of years, it’s great to see him in such a good place again.

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