Bill Hutchinson net worth: Dallas real estate tycoon on Marrying Millions is likely a billionaire and here’s why

Marrying Millions is making its debut on Lifetime and along with it, Dallas real estate developer Bill Hutchinson will be introduced. Bill is super rich with a net worth estimated to be in the billions so naturally, his friends are raising eyebrows at his relationship with Briana Ramirez, who is 40 years younger.

Bill and Briana met when she was working as a hostess at a restaurant where he was eating. The two hit it off and now, they are navigating the difficulties of bringing their two worlds together.

What is Bill Hutchinson’s net worth?

Briana’s net worth as a former hostess is a far cry from Bill Hutchinson’s net worth, as he is the owner and president of the privately owned Dunhill Partners, Inc. He’s a fixture in Dallas commercial real estate whose projects have impacted many parts of the city.

When we say Bill Hutchinson is rich, we mean super rich to the point where the title of the Sharp Entertainment produced series Marrying Millions may not apply to him. Why? Because there’s a very good chance that the new reality star is actually a billionaire.

Unfortunately, there’s no hard information out there about Bill Hutchinson’s net worth and since his company, Dunhill Partners, Inc. is not publicly traded, it makes figuring out how much he’s worth rather difficult.

Bill Hutchinson is a real estate mogul

What we do know, though, is that Dunhill Partners and a group of investors acquired the Design District portfolio in 2014 and since the owner previous to Hutchinson’s company, the value of those properties increased by $500,000,000.

Prior to his involvement with the Design District, which Hutchinson has called his “legacy”, his company was better known in the Dallas metro area for purchasing and flipping shopping centers.

It’s not a big deal for Bill Hutchinson’s Dunhill Partners to broker deals in the hundreds of millions. They’re also the company behind the planned Virgin Hotel, which should open in the Dallas Design District in 2020.

Marrying Millions star is self made

Bill Hutchinson’s prominence began from the bottom and he built Dunhill Partners from the ground up. In fact, after graduating from Southern Methodist University, Bill took a job as a retail leasing agent and even credits that as his beginning in the real estate industry.

Just last year, Hutchinson listed his estate in Coconut Grove, a premiere Dallas neighborhood, for $9.5 million.

Bill on Marrying Millions is a self-made man whose net worth could easily be somewhere in the billions but that’s something he is rather private about. Even on the show, when asked about how much he was worth, he didn’t want to say.

Marrying Millions airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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