Blinded Theo Campbell ‘waiting on risky eye op that could make sight worse’

Love Island ’s Theo Campbell hasn’t been having the best time of late as he nurses his broken heart and deals with the aftermath of being blinded by a flying champagne cork.

But the reality star’s luck isn’t swinging his way just yet as he revealed he’s waiting for a very risky eye operation which could potentially make his sight even worse.

The 28-year-old’s eyeball split in half when a champagne bottle’s cork flew into his face while he was partying in Ibiza last summer, with then girlfriend Kaz Crossley.

Seven months later, Theo’s vision in his right eye has devastatingly been reduced to just colours and blurs.

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Theo still has nine of his original 11 stitches in his eye, after initially hoping they would all be removed within two months of the accident. They could well stay there for another year.

He told the Sun: "It’s blurry now, but my other eye is fine. I’ve kind of adapted to it.

"I accepted it won’t get better. It’s not able to magically heal up. It’s been seven months now.”

But the former Great Britain 400m runner has now revealed he’s considering getting a cornea transplant, in an effort to regain some vision in the damaged eye, although it comes with massive risks.

The cornea is the clear outer surface at the front of the eye.

Discussing the possibility of getting the transplant, otherwise known as keratoplasty, Theo told the publication: "If my eye does reject it, it could be worse. I can see colours and shapes and see people are there, but the procedure could make it worse. It’s risky."

Theo was seen downing shots as he attempted to get over his ex girlfriend Kaz Crossley while she partied in another club last weekend.

The once loved-up pair had dated for nine months before Theo confirmed their shock split last Friday.

Theo, who shot to fame in Love Island's 2017 series, said that Kaz, who starred in the 2018 series, had broken his heart but he was hoping they would get back together.

They made their relationship official in March last year after Kaz split from Josh Denzel .

When asked how his relationship with Kaz was gong on FUBAR radio , Theo came came clean.

"I don't wanna say too much but I'm gonna say, people these days and love these days, it's confusing. It's a tricky hard world. I feel like with us, I kinda gave it my everything and it feels a bit underappreciated. It's a bit crazy at the moment."

He was then asked if the pair were on a break and he confirmed that it was over.

He continued: "I don't know what to call it. What's the right way to say it? I got slinged! I don't know what to call it.

"I think girls anyway in general are hard to deal with… Before Kaz I hadn't had a girlfriend for five years, and I always said, especially coming off Love Island , that's why I never got with any of the other Love Island girls and nothing like that.

"I was like, 'They're too mentally unstable! They're too all over the place!' I don't want to get with none. I'm friends with them but I will never make any of them my girlfriend!"

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