Bluefaces BM Blames Him After Backlash Over Chrisean Rock Abortion Tweet

Jaidyn Alexis claims the 26-year-old rapper uses her account to write nasty tweets about his girlfriend Chrisean after she’s slammed for allegedly saying she’ll do Chrisean’s abortion herself for $100k.

AceShowbizJaidyn Alexis has accused Blueface of posting nasty tweets about his on-and-off girlfriend Chrisean Rock. Jaidyn, who shares two children with the rapper, has blamed him after she was under fire for allegedly saying she’ll do Chrisean’s abortion herself for $100,000.

“Y’all knew his buster a** was going back over there he owes me money,” Jaidyn began her Twitter rant on Friday, March 17. “Why y’all acting slow he needs the clout real bad. He wrote the tweets and said here say this ol sad a** I felt bad for em [laughing emojis].”

“The truth could never be dis bc I left him a year ago,” Blueface’s baby mama claimed. “I wanted out so bad I left 90% my s**t there and ran. I ain’t claimed him one time since he could be daddy yesterday and b***h a** h*e n***a today y’all slow fr.”

“Crazy work is he offered me a 100k and a new house to have ANOTHER baby. That was in December that’s weird,” she continued. “That’s weird coming from someone who gets $265 in child support LOL but ok. I always get mentioned first and brought into s**t so cut the narrative fr. Speak on me get spoken on either put up or shut up everyone smd and carry on.”

Jaidyn then slammed Chrisean as writing, “This dumb broad said go get another baby daddy. Kinda advice is that coming from someone who said her multiple bd ain’t s**t. That’s weird no thanks maybe u can do kid play dates w the b***h who whooped ya feet sounds fun.” She concluded, “Ight I’m thru. Anyone else need to get violated today get at me.”

Jaidyn previously was slammed after she allegedly tweeted, “gimme da 100k daddy I’ll do the abortion myself.” It was in response to Blueface’s offer to Chrisean that he’ll pay her that much to get an abortion.

Meanwhile, Chrisean has shared alleged receipts that she and Blueface have mended their relationship. During an Instagram Live, she showed her alleged text conversation with the “Thotiana” spitter, in which he wrote, “An we go back to love an happiness.”

In the text messages, they also talked about involving other people in the relationship, saying they love each other and praising their intimacy. “Ight I’m waiting for you,” he added. “I just wan be nice to you I’m sorry for being mean.”

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