Body language expert on Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby

‘Playful’ Holly’s ‘industrial strength perkiness’, and anxious looking Phil’s ‘self-protective’ gestures: Body language expert JUDI JAMES on Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby’s return to the This Morning sofa

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Holly Willoughby displayed ‘industrial strength perkiness’ on today’s episode of This Morning while Phillip Schofield deployed ‘self-protective gestures’, a body language expert said today. 

Judi James contrasted Holly’s effervescent behaviour with her co-host, Phillip, who she said appeared ‘anxious’.   

‘Holly started the show with what looked like an energy and confidence boost as she stood with her arms straight down at her sides in a subtle power gesture while Phil posed with his hands clasped in front of his torso in a barrier ritual,’ she told MailOnline. 

‘Holly was playful, throwing her arms out when Phil said her dress looked like a meadow, while Phil’s body language became more barriered and apparently more self-protective.’  

Phil’s comments during the show suggested he wanted to make it clear he is still on speaking terms with Holly despite the pair’s fallout feud, Ms James said.  

Body language expert Judi James said Holly Willoughby opened the show with her arms straight down her sides in a ‘subtle power gesture’ while Phil had his hands ‘clasped in front of him in a barrier ritual’ 

She contrasted Holly’s behaviour with Phillip’s. She said he appeared ‘anxious’ and gave ‘self-protective gestures’, such as holding both hands together (pictured)

‘He sounds so keen to signal both the friendship between himself and Holly and the fact that they are speaking behind the scenes,’ she continued. 

‘He told her ”You’re a very good parker” to inform us he has been driven by her in the past and his comment ”We were talking about this before the show” came with an emphatic finger stab onto the table.’

This behaviour continued during a pause in the show for adverts, according to Ms James. 

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‘When a section ended and they stopped performing but were still on-camera, Phil turns to face Holly, his chest puffs and he leans towards her to talk animatedly, using on emphatic hand gesture as though wanting to show how friendly and close they still are when the cameras stop rolling. 

‘Holly smiles but leans slightly away, lifting her screen up from the table.’ 

She said that at other points Phil could be seen ‘with his index finger picking away at his thumb in what looks like an anxiety ritual’ while Holly projected a ‘more relaxed confidence’.      

It comes as Holly was in a reflective mood in her latest Monday newsletter for subscribers of her wellbeing brand Wylde Moon, where she revealed she had been receiving advice from a friend. 

‘The older I get, the more I appreciate how daunting the concept of time passing can be,’ she mused. ‘I can always remember my nan saying things like ‘wait ’til you get to my age…then it really starts flying by’– and I now I really get it.

‘If this resonates with you, I wanted to share some advice one of my friends gave me when we were talking about this exact thing. 

‘She told me that instead of worrying how quickly it’s going, we should look at things differently and appreciate that with every moment (big or small) that passes, we’re creating a future filled with joy, love, and endless possibility.’

The body language expert said the pair deployed ‘animated gestures’ to try and signal their closeness 

Ms James said Holly projected an air of ‘relaxed confidence’ during the show while Phil appeared more anxious

She said of this moment: ‘By the time they sat around the table Phil had one arm across his torso and his feet stuffed under his chair. His mouth clamp was used more than his smile and his brow looked furrowed’

Holly and Phil, who are embroiled in one of the biggest fallouts in television, did not address their rift when they returned to This Morning today. 

A source suggested that public scepticism of the pair’s attempt to project a united front could force ITV bosses to consider reshuffling the presenting line-up. 

‘This Morning’s relationship with its viewers is built on trust, and they have to believe that Holly and Phil’s friendship, and what they’re watching, is real,’ the source told The Mirror. 

The insider suggested that if this was no longer believed then ITV could be forced into replacing Phil with someone else. 

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In her newsletter, Holly urged fans to try and look at the positives in life. 

She wrote: ‘If we can remember to reflect on just how lucky we are to be making all these memories, the passage of time can feel really positive. It’s a bit like that old saying, ”Time is a luxury that the wise appreciate.”’

Holly continued by revealing she was taking inspiration from this week’s ‘magnificent New Moon, heralding a period of rejuvenation.’ 

‘It’s the perfect time to establish new affirmations, construct vision boards, and dedicate your attention to manifesting your goals.

‘Allow the creative energies to surge within you, and stretch your imagination to embrace its most extravagant dreams.’

Viewers watching today’s episode described the atmosphere as ‘awkward’, with one tweeting: ‘I haven’t watched the show for many months. I thought I’d watch today’s but it’s clear the partnership is strained.’

During one segment on the show, Holly and Phil were told a ‘tricky phase is ending’  by astrologer Hagan Fox. The hosts stayed silent after his prediction amid their friendship fallout.

‘Jupiter is moving into Taurus for the first time in 12 years,’ Fox revealed. ‘It’s the best news for each and every one of us. It’s been in Aries for 12 years which is kind of a tricky phase. This is now about happiness. This is about self-care, self-love and just having a ball.’

Phil seen leaving his home today on the way to ITV’s London studios for This Morning 

After seeing the reaction on Twitter to yesterday’s show, ITV bosses are pondering what to do next.

One source told the Daily Mail: ‘Social media is used as a barometer to see what the public think. Those in charge were left no under no illusion that it was a total disaster.

‘It was painful for the This Morning team to work on and it was just as painful for them to watch.

‘There was a meeting afterwards to discuss how it went that went on for some time. To be honest, everyone was just so relieved to get it over with, but even if the show does continue to go on for some time, it will continue to be a massive headache.’

One viewer posted: ‘Phillip Schofield thinks he can fool us with this fake nice ‘everything is fine act’ when Holly looks visibly uncomfortable being there.’

Another said: ‘How fake is this? Wow, couldn’t trust these two actors.’

The pair (seen this morning) are embroiled in one of the biggest fallouts in television

A third wrote: ‘This is cringe. It feels awkward knowing theses two people don’t get along with each other. Fake friends.’

Adding to the theme, a fan commented: ‘Well this is awkward! All a bit dead behind the eyes with fake smiles.’

Sources close to the pair insist the programme will continue to run smoothly, despite the feuding behind the scenes.

Bosses from the broadcaster were allegedly furious after Phil broke his silence with a shock statement on Thursday night about the fall out with his co-host of 14 years admitting ‘the last few weeks haven’t been easy for us’.

Despite this, Phil believes he can weather the ongoing storm but even those close to him have said it is down to whether the audience believes the pair still have on-screen chemistry.

Writing in her latest  newsletter for subscribers of her wellbeing brand Wylde Moon, Holly was in a reflective mood as she revealed she had been receiving some advice

Message: Alongside photos of herself at home with her pet dog, Holly wrote: ‘We’re creating a future filled with joy, love, and endless possibility’

Sources at the broadcaster described the situation as a ‘quandary’ for its bosses because both of the former friends were determined to get their own way.

Phil has consulted lawyers over the situation, which has been spiralling out of control for months.

The Daily Mail revealed this weekend that he has also hired Gordon Smart, a former Sun showbiz columnist and occasional Good Morning Britain host, to manage the crisis and ensure favourable press coverage.

It is a clear sign, say sources, that he is ‘taking this very seriously’ and is ‘keen to come out of the situation quickly’.

The feud began in September when the pair were criticised after failing to queue for the Queen’s Lying in State.

Things have become so bad that it is said they no longer speak when the cameras stop rolling. Holly has now cut all ties with Phil other than her This Morning commitments.

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