Brad Pitt Is Rumored to Be Dating Arrested Development Actress Alia Shawkat

Unexpected couple alert! Photographers continue to snap photos of Brad Pitt with actress Alia Shawkat, so the world is understandably wondering if they’re now dating.

Lainey Gossip reported on one of the first sightings of Pitt and Shawkat together, after the performers were spotted attending the L.A. on Fire art exhibition at Wilding Cran Gallery in Los Angeles. An eagle-eyed attendee snapped several photos of Pitt and Shawkat chatting in the gallery, and the Arrested Development star shared an Instagram featuring a piece of artwork from the exhibition.

The site also reported on an earlier sighting of the pair, when a paparazzo snapped them leaving a performance of Ethan Coen’s A Play Is a Poem in Los Angeles.

Plus, at the end of October, fellow actor Mike Birbiglia shared a photo of several people, including Pitt and Shawkat, on Instagram. Birbiglia wrote, “These lucky audience members got to take a photo with me. Anything can happen in Los Angeles! 38 more shows!” While Pitt smiled for the selfie, Shawkat appeared to be reading a show program.

Whether or not Pitt and Shawkat are just friends or actually dating is unclear right now, but we can dream.

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