Brian Austin Green Defends North West's Painting Skills After His Son Takes the Same Class

Hello, the year is 2021 and we’re still not done talking about what an artistic genius North West is. In case you’ve blocked all this out, which, how dare, North created a work of art last year that immediately rendered Picasso irrelevant. And said art was so amazing that no one believed it was by her. But now Brian Austin Green ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ has come though with receipts defending North due to his son taking the same art class and also morphing into an artistic genius.

“Someone just told me that Kim K was given a hard time for posting a pic of a painting North had done. Noah is now working on the same thing in the same art class,” BAG mused. “It’s unbelievable but true. The kids are painting these and Norths is beautiful.”

As a reminder, Kim hopped online to defend North when no one believed she’d painted her landscape, saying the following:

Kay, bye, gonna go attempt to paint something half as good as these kids.

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