Casey Anthony's Bar Fight Was Over Cop Ex-BF, Body Cam Footage Shows

Turns out Casey Anthony‘s ex-BF — the one at the center of her bar showdown — is a police officer with West Palm PD, the same department that responded to her 911 call after the fight.

We just got the body cam from the West Palm PD officer who showed up at the bar, and it shows Casey spilling her guts about the sergeant she used to date. She tells the responding officer she wants to file an incident report because the woman — identified as Thelma Moya — verbally and physically assaulted her.

The cop asks Casey what exactly happened and Casey gives up the tea — “We dated the same person for a couple of years. Malcolm Allison, who is one of your sergeants.”

Casey added, “Whether they’re together or not together, she got upset that he had texted me. I let her know that he had. And, she came inside and threw a drink at me.”

Casey goes as far as telling the cop she can call Malcolm to confirm Moya’s alleged past behavior, but later backtracks and says she doesn’t want to get Malcolm involved. Too late?

The cop also asks why she hadn’t filed a restraining order against Moya, and Casey claims she didn’t have grounds to do so before … but makes it sound like that might be her next move. Later, she said she won’t, though.

TMZ broke the story … the accused, but acquitted, child killer called cops out to O’Shea’s Irish Pub in West Palm Beach after claiming an argument with an archnemesis turned ugly.

In the 911 call audio, obtained by TMZ, Casey can be heard clearly pissed off and adamant about wanting the alleged incident documented so she could file a restraining order.

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