Cecil Hotel Manager Responds to Claims That She Edited Footage of Elisa Lam’s Disappearance

Netflix’s Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel unravels the conspiracies surrounding the death of Canadian student Elisa Lam. Internet sleuths flocked to the video of Lam hiding in an elevator, concocting baseless theories regarding her death.

The documentary also introduces audiences to several individuals involved her missing persons case, including former Cecil Hotel Manager Amy Price. Price had worked at the hotel during the time of Lam’s stay. Several internet sleuths had alleged that the elevator video had been tampered with by employees at the Cecil. Price has since responded to the comments and the series’ overall depiction of the events surrounding Lam’s death.

Who is Amy Price?

From the documentary, we learn Price became manager of the Cecil in 2007, shortly after being purchased for $26 million (a larger indication of ongoing gentrification in the downtown Los Angeles area). Price apparently had little experience managing a hotel before accepting the job. She’d go onto work at the Cecil for a decade and said there’d been 80 deaths in the hotel during her time there.

“People call it ‘The Suicide’ [or] ‘Hotel Death,'” she said in the documentary. “One of the reviews was like ‘The Cecil is where dreams go to die.'” Price would go on to explain that the Cecil’s reputation is the reason behind the hotel’s partial name change to Stay on Main in 2009.

Price would end up leaving the Cecil Hotel around 2017 to start her own jewelry company.

What is her reaction to the series?

In the documentary, Price claims all footage of Elisa Lam’s disappearance were provided to the police in the days following the discovery of Lam’s body. She also says no footage had been manipulated.

“I did everything that I was supposed to do, notified the authorities and, knowing that she had passed away, but it was really hard for me to wrap my own head around,” Price told Metro in an interview following the documentary’s release. “It then really turned into quite a circus, but my job was to stay focused and get the hotel back and running and move forward.”


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