Chelsea Houska Reveals Pregnancy Stretch Marks, Opens Up About Postpartum Depression

Chelsea Houska has a well-deserved reputation as the most frank and candid of the Teen Moms.

Houska might have quit the show that made her famous last year.

But even though she’s not on television anymore, Chelsea is still baring all for the benefit of the fans who look to her for inspiration and guidance.

That might sound like a heavy burden to bear, but it’s not hard to see why she’s become something of an aspirational figure in recent years.

While many of the show’s former cast members have deteriorated to the point of self-parody, Chelsea is living the dream.

She lives in a South Dakota farmhouse of her own design, along with her four kids and her loving husband.

But that doesn’t mean Chelsea’s life is without challenges of its own.

During a recent Instagram Q&A session, Chelsea opened up about the many difficulties she experienced after each of her pregnancies. 

The 29-year-old gamely answered questions about everything from her postpartum mental state to her efforts to drop stubborn post-pregnancy pounds.

Generally if you ask a celebrity about their experiences with depression, you’ll get a swift dismissal.

But Chelsea was more than happy to share her experiences with fans who might benefit from her example.

“Severe postpartum anxiety for a year after I had Layne,” she wrote in response to one follower’s query.

And when it came to the ways in which she was physically transformed by pregnancy, Chelsea was just as forthcoming:

“Most of my stretch marks are on my side,” she shared during the Q&A session.

Houska revealed that she took many photos in the weeks directly after her most recent pregnancy, but she hasn’t felt comfortable posting them.

“Maybe I will share them one day if I feel comfortable. Let’s keep it real, real lol,” she wrote.

From there, Cheslsea got into the specifics and invited fans to join her in her current fitness regiment.

“I’m doing a 75-day challenge right now,” she shared.

“And with that you work out 45 minutes every single day,” Chelsea added.

“I just have been going really hard after I had Walker. I’ve been documenting the whole process and taking pictures.”

We assume when Chelsea says “going hard,” she means working out, not partying.

Unlike some other Teen Moms who shall remain nameless, Chelsea has always had her priorities straight.

And while fans might appreciate the trappings of the life she’s built for herself — the happy family, the massive house — it’s probably Chelsea’s attitude that they admire even more.

She’s faced her share of challenges, including a disastrous relationship with Adam Lind, the father of her eldest child.

But Chelsea emerged from all of the challenges she’s faced with a smile on her face and a new lesson learned.

While Chelsea denied the rumors of a spin-off series, we’re sure that if she ever decides to return to TV, fans will be waiting.

And in the meantime, we’re sure they’ll be happy with the frequent updates she offers on Instagram!

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