Claire King slams sexist acting industry as ‘women are labelled past it at 40’

Claire King is a soap legend thanks to her iconic character of Kim Tate in Emmerdale, along with a stint in Coronation Street as Erica Holroyd.

And as the uber successful actress celebrates her 60th birthday this month, she's opened up to OK! about her experience in the acting industry and admitted that there is still a lot of sexism at play.

When asked if there is pressure on actresses to stay looking young, Claire told OK!: "Yes, there’s an immense amount of pressure.

"Men in their 60s and 70s are labelled silver foxes. As soon as a woman is 40 it feels as though she’s labelled as ‘past it’."

The star continued to say she believes the entertainment world is still a "sexist industry."

Claire added: "That’s why I’ve kind of bucked the trend with not having any surgery."

The star told OK! she will continue to "age disgracefully" and won't be turning to cosmetic surgery to stay looking young.

She explained: "I can’t be bothered with the maintenance of it, plus the cost. Some people go too far and look a bit off. I think a little bit of character to the face shows you’ve lived life, enjoyed it, got your laughter lines."

The star explained her stance, adding: "I’m not one for having lots of surgery or Botox, but I don’t judge others who do – unless they lie about it!"

The actress – who has also appeared in Bad Girls and Coronation Street went on to say she had "earned these lines."

She explained: "My face is my face, I’ve earned these lines, it’s characterful. And in these days when everyone is so obsessed with appearing ageless, it’s made me go the opposite way and say, this is me and if you don’t like it then tough!"

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