Debbie McGee told to ‘pay attention’ and ‘get off phone’ by co-star in awkward live moment

Former Strictly Come Dancing contestant Debbie McGee, 60, fronts her self-titled show on BBC Radio Berkshire every weekend.

In her most recent episode, her co-star and newsreader Julian Perkins introduced her to listeners live on-air, but it was followed by an awkward pause.

He then swiftly said aloud: “Put your phone down dear,” which prompted the radio host to laugh after she realised it was her turn to speak.

The radio host then asked her colleague to turn her microphone up as she continued to giggle.

What’s going on here today?

Debbie McGee

“What’s going on here today?” she added, prompting her colleague to add: “You’re supposed to be paying attention when I’m reading the news woman.”

He then asked her: “Do you remember any of the news at all?”

Debbie replied: “I do because I’ve listened to it about three times already since I’ve been up, so I could recite it almost.”

Paul Daniels’ widow then hesitantly listed a few of the news bulletins before she apologised for not concentrating.

“I hope it was worth it,” Julian added, before cheekily asking: “Was it an interesting text message?”

Debbie replied: “Yes, it was actually, very,” but refused to give further details.

Last month on her radio show, Debbie McGee recalled a romantic encounter with another man while she was away with her late husband Paul.

She told listeners: “I had a very romantic thing happen to me in Venice.

“I was with my husband and we were staying in a hotel on the Grand Canal and we were having drinks before dinner on a balcony outside.”

The ex magician’s assistant went on to explain she was approached by a “very good looking” man, who she compared to the suave man from Cadbury’s Milk Tray adverts.

She added: “He looked like the Milk Tray man, came along in his very flashy speed boat and moored up just below us and climbed up the balustrades and window boxes of flowers, and over the balcony.

“He smiled at us, went and met this Miss World fantastic looking girl and had a glass of champagne with her.”

After leaving his female companion, Debbie said he came over to her and gave her a red flower.

“He climbed over the balcony where there was a window box and he picked a rose for me, a lovely red flower,” he added.

“He climbed back up again and gave the rose to me, even though I was with my husband, and then blew me a kiss as he whizzed away on his boat into the sunset.”

Debbie was married to Paul from 1988 up until his death in 2016 aged 77.

The Debbie McGee show airs every Sunday from 9am on BBC Radio Berkshire.

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