Dixie D'Amelio and Noah Beck Fans Are Pissed at Bryce Hall for YouTube Stripper Prank

Sway House member Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio are one of TikTok’s hottest couples rn, with their devoted fanbase eating up pretty every single piece of content they create or make an appearance in. So when fellow Sway House member Bryce Hall decided to play a prank on Noah and Dixie, fans were expecting something fun and lighthearted. Instead, fans got an video obnoxiously titled “HIS GIRLFRIEND WASN’T HAPPY ABOUT THIS…,” which, spoiler alert: Dixie was not.

For the prank, Bryce blindfolded Noah—who, by the way, was not phased by this at all— and forced him to put headphones so he can’t hear what was happening around him. From there, Bryce brought in two exotic dancers, and had them move around Noah in a sexually suggestive way. As if this wasn’t already cruel enough, Bryce decided to FaceTime Dixie and show Noah from behind so it could look like he was watching the women dance around him.

After seeing what was going on, Dixie promptly hung up the phone, likely in anger. Thankfully, Noah called her back and explained the side of his side of the story, and swore that he didn’t look at the dancing girls. Dixie seemed fine after Noah and Bryce’s explanation of the prank, but fans of Noah and Dixie are pissed and think Bryce went too far this time.


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It’s also worth noting that Bryce isn’t just facing trouble with Noah and Dixie’s fans—he recently plead not guilty to misdemeanor charges for throwing parties over the summer, violating California’s stay-at-home orders in August. He also served brief jail time in June for possession of marijuana.

Bryce, if you’re reading this…please know that Noah and Dixie’s fans (and I) just wanna talk.

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