Duchess Meghans hike photos were not staged, says paparazzo who took them


It’s funny that the Windsors ran out of post-coronation steam by Tuesday of this week, and there’s barely any news about King Charles or the working royals for days, so everyone is still just talking about how the Duchess of Sussex went on a lil’ hike in Montecito. These people would have been outraged no matter what – if Meghan hadn’t been photographed, the story would have been “why is Meghan hiding, she doesn’t support Harry’s decision to fly to London, they’re getting a divorce!” If she had made a statement about her plans to celebrate her son’s birthday and/or released a photo of Prince Archie, Salt Island would have shrieked and wailed for weeks about how Meghan “pulled focus.” So she stayed quiet last Saturday, and then went for a hike with friends on Sunday.

The fact that Meghan was photographed – and the photos were sold to TMZ, likely at a steep price – was a big deal. She’s not pap’d very often. Given the timing, some people thought Meghan “arranged” the hike as a pap stroll. The royal reporters thought that, as did Megyn Kelly. Kelly screamed about how dare Meghan wear designer clothes and fancy jewelry on a pap-stroll hike, which is weird because Meg’s jacket was J.Crew (and perfect for a mild-weather hike) and Meghan was just wearing a watch, like many people do.

Anyway, I never thought we’d get the point where a paparazzo has to weigh in on the subject, but here we are. The photographer who took the pics – a man named Clint Brewer – posted the message below on his Instagram: “I wish these photos were staged, would make my life a lot easier.” Wow. A paparazzo had to come out and basically say: we’re not getting the calls from a publicist, we’re just stalking the Sussexes and that’s how we get the photos.


Photos courtesy of Instagram, Instar.

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