Ferne McCann got death threats after voice notes leak and struggled to get out of bed

Former TOWIE star Ferne McCann has addressed last year's voice note scandal in the first episode of her new series of First Time Mum, as she opened up about the reaction on social media.

The TV star, 32, became embroiled in scandal after an anonymous Instagram account leaked a number of her old voice messages, in which she made disparaging remarks about a number of people, including her former pals Sam Faiers and Billie Shepherd.

Opening up about the impact this had on her, Ferne has revealed that she began to receive death threats on social media.

Ferne then began reading out a number of comments from one of her Instagram post, one of which was: "No one cares about what you think after your vile voice notes, your career is over!!!"

Speaking to the cameras, Ferne continued: "Honestly I've had death threats on my Instagram, death threats. And like it's so frustrating because I've been pushed into a place where I can't see a way out or see a future.

"I can't even post a Pilates story on Instagram without people having an opinion."

Discussing the immediate aftermath of the voice notes, Ferne revealed that she struggled to get out of bed at times, but was helped through the situation by close friend James 'Arg' Argent.

Seen visiting Arg after the voice notes were leaked in the episode aired on Wednesday night, Ferne discussed how the ordeal had cost her her decades long friendship with Billie Shepherd.

She told him: "At the moment, my friendship with Billie… You know how much I… [cries] It's really hard.

When Arg asked if she'd contacted Billie, she answered: "Yes and no, I understand the position she's in… I've tried to message her lots but I get it.

"I'm very much mourning the loss of a 22-year friendship. It's hard. I massively regret it but I'm unable to do a lot apart from my trust in the police, try and patch things back together…"

Earlier in the episode, Ferne opened up about how she felt "ashamed" over the messages.

She explained: "I'm so ashamed and embarrassed and I know the words are very hurtful. It was from a time when I was really hurting, and in a very vulnerable and bad place.

"They were from about five years ago when me and Sam had a fall out. It's very hard for me to talk about this because I don't want to bring up the past.

"Would I say those things now, absolutely not, but those I absolutely apologised for."


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