'Friday The 13th' Star Says Date Is The Best Day of His Life

For Kane Hodder, the actor in the Jason Vorhees mask in the ‘Friday the 13th’ movies, there’s nothing unlucky about a Friday the 13th … he says the day changed his life.

Kane, who has played the killer character in four of the franchise’s 12 installments, tells TMZ … the so-called bad luck day is actually a transformative occasion in his Hollywood career.

As Kane explains, ‘Friday the 13th’ took his career to the next level … transforming him from a stunt man into a horror movie star who signs autographs for adoring fans.

Kane says he’s had nothing but the best luck on Friday the 13th … a feeling that’s quite uncommon and he adds the worst thing that’s ever happened to him on the 13th was when he was burned when a fire stunt went wrong, but it wasn’t a Friday.

It’s not just the movie role brightening Kane’s Friday the 13th experience … he says this Friday, which fell on May’s 13th, saw him fatten his pockets … thanks to a spike in his requests on Cameo.

Kane also tells us why playing Jason is more difficult than one might think … and why he wants to get killed by the famous character if the franchise ever makes a 13th movie.

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