Gemma Collins hints it’s over as clairvoyant predicts she’ll marry James Argent

Gemma Collins and James Argent have weathered a turbulent romance on and off for eight years.

But the GC suggested things could be over for good in the romance department as she let out a moan when a fortune teller predicted marriage could be on the cards for the pair on Monday.

The TOWIE star, 38, groaned as the clairvoyant said she would marry someone with the letter A at the beginning of their name.

"God help me!" She exclaimed in her Instagram stories.

The channeller had waved a card with a heart printed on it as she revealed Gemma would marry someone with the letter A at the beginning of their name.

"Husband with the letter A," the fortune teller said.

The Diva Forever star broadcast the juicy tarot card session on her Instagram profile with her 1.4million followers.

Gemma was ecstatic when the clairvoyant predicted she was going to have a baby soon as she told all her fans to prepare for the "GC baby".

"She's telling me I'm gunna have a baby," Gemma said. "Everyone get ready for the GC baby."

The Gemma and Arg love story goes back to when they met on TOWIE in 2011 and she famously told him: "You ain't ever gunna get this candy."

It's certainly been a rocky road for their romance as they have had very public spats, nasty break ups and amorous make-ups.

Fans have been begging the Dancing On Ice star to cool things off with her beau after Diva Forever showed James making digs at his girlfriend.

During a recent This Morning appearance, James defended their romance as he insisted they had been getting on "really, really well" as of late.

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