Here's Why VMAs Staple Miley Cyrus Skipped the Entire Show This Year

When people think of the MTV Video Music Awards, they often think of Miley Cyrus. The singer is attached to the show at the hip at this point, having won Video of the Year, created one of the most infamous moments in VMAs history, dropped jaws on the red carpet, and hosted the whole thing. But even though Miley is basically Queen of the VMAs, she was notably absent from the show this year.

Why did Miley skip the VMAs, you ask? Well, she’s busy, for one. Just this week, she was back in L.A. doing what she does best on a variety of other stages. Two days ago, she was in California rocking the SiriusXM Garage with Metallica and being interviewed by Howard Stern.

Miley herself confirmed before the ceremony that she wouldn’t attend.

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Even though she wasn’t at the VMAs this year, Miley still picked up VMA nominations—for Best Collaboration and Best Editing, both for “Prisoner” with Dua Lipa—but Miley was never publicly slated to perform at the show, so it’s not a huge shock to see her focusing her Sunday on other projects.

Despite her joint nominations with Dua, Miley’s newest album Plastic Hearts didn’t get a VMAs nod this year, which could also factor into her not attending, as she’s been candid in previous years about not giving air to shows that choose to overlook her work.

While Miley was certainly missed tonight, at least she’s still doing her rockstar thing on many a stage, VMAs or not!

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