How to dress for the summer heat when you work in a freezing cold office

It's not easy to know what to wear when you're moving from outdoor heat to a chilly, air conditioned office.

During the summer months , this sartorial conundrum can leave us wondering exactly how we should be dressing for work.

No one wants to be bathed in sweat on their commute or shivering under the office AC.

Try maxi and midi dresses

Maxi and midi dresses are ideal for the summer months and can be purchased in a variety of flowing, ditzy styles and more structured designs, depending on your personal preference and the kind of office you work in.

Choose cottons and linens

Synthetic fibres are not you friend in the summer months, as they'll usually make you hotter and may cause you to sweat. Pick natural cottons and linens instead to ensure that you stay chill outside and warm once you're in an air conditioned building.

Loose clothing reigns supreme

Boxy or loose mens-style shirts are perfectly office appropriate and will keep your body temperature regulated once you step outside.

They can be paired with leggings or pencil skirts to offset then bagginess and keep your look feeling put-together. Wide-legged trousers are also ideal office wear for the summer months, as they keep you both covered and cool.

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