Is Prince Harry worried about running into Kristen Stewart during the awards season?

Did you see Spencer? I thought it was okay, and I thought Kristen Stewart was good in it. Like, Kristen didn’t seem like Diana AT ALL, but Kristen was truly acting and she wasn’t just lip-biting and rolling her eyes through it. It helped that Spencer wasn’t a strict bio-pic in any way, it was actually much closer to a historical horror film, and Pablo Larrain definitely leaned more into horror tropes than “royal bio-pic” tropes. I could definitely see how both Prince William and Prince Harry would not like any part of it. As is their right! It’s Larrain’s right to dramatize a story about one of the most famous women in the world and it’s Diana’s sons’ right to hate it. So, funny story: sources claim that Harry really does not want to run into Kristen Stewart during the awards season.

With awards season kicking into high gear, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are eager to hit the glam party circuit, but a source says Harry is worried about bumping into a certain A-lister — Kristen Stewart. The Spencer star, 31, has been winning raves for her dark, disturbing portrayal of his late mother, Princess Diana, “and it’s struck a sour note with Harry. He’s pretty appalled by the film,” spills the source, who says the last thing the retired royal wants is an embarrassing run-in with the actress.

Harry, 37, and Meghan, 40, “have been invited to all the big events and planned on attending the Oscars too, but they’d almost certainly come face-to-face with Kristen since she’s a lock for a best actress nomination,” adds the source. For her part, Meghan “figures they can just ignore Kristen or be briefly polite, but Harry’s not one to be fake, and his nerves are still raw,” continues the source. “He’s actually thinking about skipping the Oscars, but Meghan really wants to get back into the Hollywood scene.” Nothing wrong with a little acting, Harry!

[From OK Magazine, print edition, January 10, 2022]

First of all, while I think Harry and Meghan probably will be invited to awards-season parties and events, I doubt they’re going to be seen out and about at multiple events in the next three months. Maybe a screening, maybe a private party, and I would think that they would save their first awards-show appearance for the Oscars. If they do go to the Oscars, it might legitimately be difficult to avoid Kristen Stewart. There’s so much mingling and glad-handing at the Oscars. So… maybe Harry should be concerned. That being said, Kristen has been perfectly respectful of Harry and William in interviews. She basically just avoids those questions and says they have the right to not watch or like the movie.

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