Jeffree Star Reveals He Has To Wear Back ‘Brace For A Few Months’ Following Severe Car Accident

Jeffree Star updated fans after he and Daniel Lucas were involved in a serious car crash on Friday.

On Saturday, the controversial YouTube creator took to his Instagram Story to share that he has left the hospital with a broken back and will have to wear a brace for a couple of months.

“My back is really broke, and my vertebrae, three are not attached right now, and I am in the most excruciating pain ever. We almost lost our lives, and it was one of the scariest experiences that I think I’ve ever been through.”

The problematic makeup artist then revealed how “peeing has become a chore” as he cut to another clip from the bathroom, saying how his back brace pressed against his bladder and made it hard for him to walk.

“But this is going to keep my spine from healing wrong and hopefully heal very straight.

Unfortunately, Star’s best friend will have to stay in the hospital as he has internal bleeding and will be flying to Las Vegas to have surgery.

In a video on IG Stories, the pair thanked everyone for their love and support again but also added they have “won the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people telling us to die.” The businessman then reiterated some details about the rollover accident, explaining his Rolls Royce hit a patch of black ice, sent the car into a snowbank, and proceeded to flip three times. Wyoming Highway Patrol Sergeant Jeremy Beck told People that Star and Lucas were driving on Hat Six Road and “ended up losing control, drove off the roadway and rolled.”

After checking out of the hospital, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics owner shared photos of his damaged vehicle, adding:

“This was hard but I had to go see my car today. Thank God a #RollsRoyce is built with highly reinforced steel because it saved our lives. Time to heal and let my body repair.”

He later updated his followers again from bed, confessing he’s a “side sleeper” but has to sleep on his back while it heals.

“The pain medicine is kind of helping, but I’ve never felt anything like this before. It’s like my muscles are on fire inside.”

The former singer went on to note that the next three to five days are going to “really f**king suck.” What are your thoughts on this latest Jeffree update, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

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