Joe Rogan Urges People to Forgive Will Smith Following Oscars Slap

In an episode of his ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast, the UFC commentator and host says that it’s time for people to pardon the Oscar-winning actor after he slapped Chris Rock onstage at the big event.

AceShowbizJoe Rogan thinks it’s time for people to forgive Will Smith after he smacked Chris Rock nearly a year ago at the 2022 Academy Awards. In an episode of his “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, the host urged people to pardon the Oscar-winning actor for the scandal.

“Now thinking about (the situation), I’m like, that guy has to be forgiven,” Joe said of the “King Richard” actor. “Like, he clearly has deep remorse for what he’s done.”

The UFC commentator continued, “And he’s also clearly living in a world where he was given nothing but adulation and praise for most of his life. And then all of a sudden, he has this one, in many people’s eyes, unforgivable moment where he does something just so stupid. He’s a human being. You just gotta forgive him, you know?”

The podcaster also noted that the real person who should truly forgive Will is none other than Chris himself. “And I think the real person who has to forgive him – if he wants to – is Chris Rock,” he said.

Also weighing in on Will’s punishment following the headline-making antics was Serena Williams‘ dad Richard Williams. Richard said the Academy’s subsequent decision to ban the 57-year-old actor, who resigned as a member of the organization, from the Oscars and other gala events for 10 years was too long.

“If he apologized [that’s good], however he wants to deal with the situation. I wouldn’t judge anyone. They should let him keep his Oscar, too,” Richard said of Will, who won his Oscar after playing him in “King Richard”. “When a person [has] worked for [it] so much, then leave it alone. I really appreciate him doing so very much so I could never criticize him.”

Richard added that the ban was too harsh. He noted, “Just two days, that’s enough, that’s very much.”

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