John Leslie denies ‘ludicrous’ claims he grabbed woman’s breasts

John Leslie denied allegations that he grabbed a woman’s breasts at a Christmas party, describing the claims as ‘ludicrous’ in court today. 

The former Blue Peter presenter is standing trial at Southwark Crown Court accused of groping the woman, who cannot be identified, at the festive party more than a decade ago. 

On Wednesday, Leslie took to the stand to testify and give evidence, and hit back at the serious allegations against him. 

‘The idea that I would do that is just crazy, especially the way that I was with everything that had been going on,’ Leslie told the court. 

‘I was paranoid, I was aware and conscious of wherever I was. To go up to a total stranger I had never met and do that is just ludicrous. 

‘I would have said hello, I would have talked to her. I would not have touched her like some mannequin and walked off.’ 

The 55-year-old’s voice broke as he then told the jury: ‘I have never assaulted anybody. I would never do that. It’s not in my nature.

‘My mum and dad taught me right from wrong. I have been surrounded by women all my life.’ 

During the first day of court, Leslie’s accuser claimed the TV presenter made a ‘solid grab’ of her breasts during the 2008 incident without her consent. 

‘I put out my hand to shake his hand to say “hello… nice to meet you”,’ she told the court. 

‘He shook my hand and was smiling and then immediately thereafter he grabbed both of my breasts, one hand on each breast, quite firmly, and laughed.’ 

She added: ‘I was a bit stunned. I didn’t say anything, I was a bit annoyed, I was shocked, I think. He just sort of laughed and walked off to the bar and that was it.’

The woman then demonstrated the gesture Leslie allegedly made towards her, using her hands and said it was not ‘accidental’, but an ‘I’m going to grab your breasts’.

The trial continues. 

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