Journalist Vicky Ward Dives into Ghislaine Maxwell Case in New Doc

Ghislaine Maxwell seems to be full of secrets — including what she knows about Jeffrey Epstein and his powerful pals, and one journo is hoping to unlock the mystery once and for all.

The British socialite — who was tight with Epstein for years before he was charged anew in 2019, and subsequently killed himself — is about to have her day in court over alleged sex trafficking, among other charges she’s facing … which will be decided at trial later this month.

Of course, many see Maxwell as the key to unlocking the long suspected malfeasance Epstein was conducting with underage girls — and that goes doubly so for reporter Vicky Ward.

We talked to Vicky on “TMZ Live” about the “Chasing Ghislaine” documentary she’s just released on Discovery+, and she tells us a lot of new information is uncovered through her investigation … one she’s been digging into and working on for over a decade now.

Something that’s clear to Vicky about Epstein’s alleged criminal acts is he clearly had a support system of influential allies spanning the entire globe. Many of those ties to powerful people have already been exposed — but Vicky wonders how they could NOT have known what Epstein was doing.

She does not suggest any one of these men participated in anything unseemly themselves … but in her eyes (and, frankly, the eyes of many) there’s no reason they should’ve been as cozy with the guy … especially knowing his sordid history.

Vicky gets into that and more in the 3-part docuseries … which is streaming now.

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