Judi Love reminds fans ‘health isn’t always about size’ amid January detoxes

Loose Women panelist and OK! columnist Judi Love speaks up about how health is an issue all year round and that crash New Year diets aren't the answer.

She also tells readers how she feels about Jason Derulo and Mo Gilligan's latest news and gives her opinion on Davina McCall's relationship news. Sign up – for free! – to see what she has to say.

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January Organising

I had last week off work, so I spent it preparing myself and the house for the year ahead. I did a lot of de-cluttering and cleared out a ton of clothes, which went to the charity shop.

I saw that DJ Cuppy shaved her hair and dyed it pink and it made me think about the intentions you set for the year, so I did some revamping of myself too – a bit of exercise, a health detox and spa treatments.

I did a vision board with the kids too, to talk about what they want for the new year. I really believe in visualisation and putting positive thoughts into the universe. So let’s go 2022!

Keeping It Real

Last week Lizzo posted a video of herself dancing in a bodysuit with the caption, “I gained weight. I look TF GOODT.” Firstly, I love that she is so down to earth and is normalising the conversation around weight gain – I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there who gained a bit of weight over Christmas.

Between seeing Lizzo’s post and lots of articles about new year diets, it got me thinking about the way we look at the new year.

After Christmas, everyone feels like they have to get into their diet and exercise in January, but if what we’re really striving for is better health, shouldn’t we be thinking about our bodies all year round, not just for this month?

I think it’s also important to remember that health isn’t always about size, but what is going on inside. And as always, we shouldn’t judge anyone by their appearance.


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Jason's Altercation

It was reported that US singer Jason Derulo got into an altercation with two people in Las Vegas after one of them referred to him as Usher. Police said that the star “committed battery against two individuals,” but those two people ultimately didn’t press charges. We obviously don’t know the details, but the story made me think of how everyone has different triggers that can set them off.

That’s not to say I’m condoning violence, but it made me think about when there are people in the public eye who have lost their cool, and whether they are condemned more than the general public.

Something that might seem trivial to us, could be quite a big trigger for someone in the public eye. I just hope this situation can be sorted out.

Proud Of Mo

Mo Gilligan has announced that he’s donating his fee for hosting the BRITS to a charity called FIVEXMORE, which offers support and investigates why black women are five times more likely to die in childbirth.

I think what Mo has done is amazing and he’s really championing the importance of understanding things that affect the black community.

We all know that would have been a big fee, so to give it to charity is just brilliant. It’s something that means so much to black women, as it’s an issue that was ignored for so long. Well done, Mo.

Davina's Choice

Davina McCall has said that she and her boyfriend, Michael Douglas, have an agreement that they don’t discuss their relationship in public. I totally respect that.

I think there’s a real thing at the moment that people assume that just because you’re in the public eye that everything has to be public, when it doesn’t. The most important things to you will be family and relationships, which have to be protected. So I completely agree with Davina.

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