Katie Price says ‘I’ll go bigger yet’ as she defends surgery ‘addiction’

She’s no stranger to going under the knife, and even Katie Price herself admits she’s lost count of the number of surgeries she’s had.

But now, in one of her frankest chats yet, Katie has candidly revealed the real reason she chooses to keep returning to the operating table.

While the former glamour model, who turns 45 on Monday, insists she “doesn’t care what anyone says”, she also admits that it comes from a lack of self-esteem.

“I’m in my 40s and I’ll do what the hell I want, when I want,” she tells us, defiantly. “I only started having things done to my face in my 40s. When I was younger, I had my boobs done and my nose done, but that was it.

"I didn’t have any fillers or anything like that. I did all of my career naturally, with no airbrushing or filters either. So now I’m in my 40s, I will look and be as fake as I want to be.”

Katie says she has “never felt attractive”, admitting, “It doesn’t help that most men I’ve dated have cheated on me. That doesn’t make me feel attractive.

"Most relationships I’ve had, someone’s cheated or gone off with one of my friends. Men I’ve been with do like to put me down and it doesn’t help.”

She continues, “I’ve always said I don’t have an addiction to surgery. But do you know what? Maybe people have a point when they say that because I’m never happy.

“I’m learning about myself and when I have my therapy sessions, I learn about validation. When you look at my past and how I’ve been treated, I don’t think you can blame me for the way I feel and think. I’m going to carry on with the surgery because I want to.”

She adds, “I don’t mind if anyone says I have an addiction to surgery. There are much worse things to be addicted to. I’m not harming anyone by having surgery. It’s my choice and my body.”

Katie – who is seen in our exclusive pictures showing off her bikini body during a sun-soaked trip to Spain – underwent her latest procedure, her biggest-ever boob job, in Belgium at the end of last year. And she tells us she wants to go even bigger.

“I love them,” she says of her 2120 CC implant size. “They healed really quickly and they didn’t hurt at all. That probably doesn’t help. Because I heal quickly, it doesn’t put me off and I have more.

“I would go bigger as well – and I will eventually. I just love having big boobs and a small body. I’ve always loved that look. In my eyes, if I’m having a boob job, I want them to look fake, I don’t want them to look natural.
I don’t like the natural look.

“I just like that old-school American Playboy pin-up look. When I have surgery, that is what I’m striving for. If I could look like my airbrushed pictures, that would be amazing. But that’s impossible to achieve.”

She continues, “I like Victoria Beckham’s body, if she had bigger boobs. I like a small frame with big boobs. I also think Chloe Khan is stunning. If there was an English girl I had to pick whose look I absolutely love, it’s Chloe Khan. It’s like a Barbie doll – that’s what I love.”

Despite Katie’s need for surgery, she “feels sorry” for the younger generation of girls. “My advice to young girls is please don’t get that same look with filler everyone has. They all just look the same on Instagram. And they’re too young, it could all drop in their face when they’re older.

And when it comes to her own daughter Princess, 15, who she shares with ex-husband Peter Andre, Katie says it’s not a route she’ll go down.

“Princess doesn’t want any surgery. And she doesn’t need it either. I know people say I didn’t need it, but I’m in my 40s and I want it and I’ll do it,” she says. “She’s seen me have enough done to put her off. Surgery is just the norm for my kids, the amount of times they’ve seen their mum get it. If I haven’t put them off, then I don’t know what will!”

Katie – who is also mum to Harvey, 20, her son with Dwight Yorke, Junior, 17, her son with Peter, Jett, nine, and Bunny, eight, her children with Kieran Hayler – adds, “They’re all just used to it. Like they’ve been brought up
with me doing TV, they’ve been brought up with me having surgery. It’s just normal for them.”

Katie says she loves the way she looks, revealing, “I wouldn’t want to be natural – no thank you.”

Opening up about her biggest insecurity, she adds, “The only thing I don’t like about myself is the fact I can’t walk properly any more after my foot operation [Katie broke both of her feet after falling from a wall in Turkey in 2020]. If I’m honest, that is the only thing I don’t like. I also have scars on my feet, but I don’t hate them because they tell the story.

“People have to remember that I have had five kids and I am in my 40s, so I’m not going to look the way I did in my 20s.”

And while she wouldn’t want to turn back the clock, she does admit she has some regrets.

“I had a BBL [in 2021] and I absolutely hated it. I hate having a big bum. It was the worst thing I ever did. Thankfully, I didn’t have implants. I just had my own fat put into my bum. I don’t suit having a big bum. So I had all the fat taken out soon after I had it and I have my natural bum back now.”

She was also left unimpressed when she underwent a thread lift in the UK. “It was a few years ago now, I can’t remember exactly when, but I was doing Loose Women at the time. The surgeon put tear trough filler under my eyes and messed them up,” she says. “You have to be so careful with tear trough because it can look funny.”

When it comes to the potential risks, Katie says, “There are dangers everywhere. At the end of the day, any surgery you have is a risk. People do have to be careful and do their research.”

While she’s adamant she won’t stop having procedures any time soon, she doesn’t have anything else planned – for now.

“I’m too busy working. I’m more into tattoos right now, to be honest. I want all of my legs covered. I’m going to have portraits of all the kids. I only have Princess at the minute. It was so painful, but I’m getting the rest done. I also want some wings on my back,” she says.

Katie is currently focusing on her OnlyFans content after launching her account last year. Speaking to us from her Spanish getaway while on an OnlyFans shoot, she says, “I absolutely love it, doing photo shoots and being in front of the camera.

"It’s a platform where you’ve got the older generation and newer generation. My subscribers are a mix of everyone. I bet a lot of people think it’s dirty old guys on there. But it’s not, it’s a mixture. I think people are intrigued by it. Maybe mums at the school look at it, I don’t know!

“I never post bikini pictures or underwear pictures to Instagram, it’s all on OnlyFans. OnlyFans has got such a stigma. People just think it’s nude and sex, but it’s not. Don’t get me wrong, some people go to town on it. But I don’t.”

She continues, “If I’m honest with you, I’m not the best-looking girl. But if you put me in front of a camera, I just know how to pose because that’s my profession and it’s what I’ve always done. It’s not always about being good-looking, it’s about knowing how to work a camera.”

And in true Pricey style, Katie says she will never listen to the haters. “I don’t read what anyone has to say about me, it is what it is,” she says. “When I see trolls comment on Harvey or any of my children, I would speak out and stick up for them. But when it comes to me, I honestly don’t care. A lot of them are just jealous. It’s nothing I haven’t heard before.”


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