Katie Price slammed over scathing ITVs Im A Celebrity review

Katie Price has been criticised by hordes of her followers for her scathing review of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’s new batch of contestants this year.

The reality TV star, who took part in the ITV show herself on two occasions, appeared in a video on her Instagram to share her thoughts.

The mum-of-five, who recently reunited with her children and mum Amy Price following her trip to Las Vegas, sat next to her fiancé Carl Woods on their sofa as she slated the choice of “celebrities” for this year’s edition.

The 43 year old didn’t hold back, as she said some of this year’s contestants had “even less followers” than her Love Island star partner.

The pair even joked that the new series, which takes place in Wales for the second year in a row at Gwrych castle, should be renamed “I’m A Non-Celebrity”.

Carl, 32, declared: “Even me, a nobody, has more followers than some of these people. To me, if you're a celebrity you don't need to go in and say 'hi I'm so and so' because you're meant to be famous."

"It should be called Who Are They? Are You A Celebrity or Aren't You?” Katie then chimed in, sharing her shock that there is no Instagram influencer in the line-up.

Flocking to the comments, the star’s followers shared their “disappointment” at Katie criticising the celebrity status of the contestants, as one person wrote: “Ooohh always been your biggest supporter but think you've let yourself down with this! Massively. So disappointed."

“Oh wow, the irony of you slating other people when you want an anti trolling law! Didn’t you walk the 2nd time you went in the jungle and quit SAS?,” another posted.

A third follower complained: “She talks about mental health and how the paps and others who talk about her have contributed to her mental health and then she goes and slags off others.!? Wow. You're unreal.”

While a fourth urged: “If your gonna review just review on how each one is doing …. No need to bring followers into it . People that live their life on Instagram will get more followers the more they post. Some ‘celebs’ rarely post ……”

“Nasty comments from you both…tasteless,” another person slammed, followed by: “I don’t understand why you’re doing a review, plus you should know what damages mental health. Clearly its all you you you and doesn't matter about anyone else's mental health! #unfollowed!”

Not everyone agreed, as some of the former glamour model’s fans insisted people needed to “lighten up”.

One person tried to encourage Carl to take part in the show one day himself, while another raged: “Wow, all these 'be kind' comments from the peanut gallery. Get a life, if the show is titled and centred around celebrities then make sure it lives up to it!

“If the producers can’t cast enough popular celebrities then they mustn’t do a show. And yes, it has EVERYTHING to with with status and followers… otherwise change the name of the show. I’d be gutted if I watched a show in my country and had no clue who the people were.”

One fan was thrilled to see Katie and Carl “bantering” together in a clip, and many others said they were all disappointed with the casting.

“I like Richard Madeley but agree- not sure who the rest are,” another fan added.

Also during her review, Katie criticised the show’s producers for moving it to the UK, as she said: "To me, it should be in Australia. I watched the show last year in the castle and to be honest I thought it was absolutely s**t. They're filming it in Wales so no-one really has to fly anywhere and this is the only people they could pick out of the real celebrity land."

This year’s line-up includes former BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin, ITV favourite Richard Madeley, a number of radio presenters and DJs, and Emmerdale actor Danny Miller is also taking part, along with award-winning choreographer and dancer Arlene Phillips, who used to be a judge on Strictly Come Dancing.

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