Lil Xan Sued for Pointing a Gun at a Man During 7-Eleven Altercation Over Tupac

In other news, the young rapper takes to his Instagram account to share a video in which he reveals to his followers that he has stopped abusing pills and prescription medication for the last few months.

AceShowbizLil Xan has been sued for pulling out gun on a man during a during an altercation in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven in Los Angeles. According to reports, the heated fight started after the man confronted the “Love or Die” rapper about his offensive remark about Tupac Shakur.

TMZ claimed that the alteration led the man, named Anthony Sanchez, to slap Xan with a lawsuit. In the documents that he filed to court, Sanchez alleged Xan pointed a gun at him and he had a recording of the incident which took place on June 7, 2019. He added that the musician went on waving the gun around as he took his finger on and off the trigger, making Sanchez fear for his life.

In the said video, Sanchez could be heard calling Xan a “b***h” before Xan pulled out what looked like a gun. Sanchez also claimed in the suit that the rapper threw a cup out of the window as he drove away and hit Sanchez. The incident allegedly prompted him to suffer severe emotional distress. He’s suing Xan for an assault and battery.

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Back in 2019, Xan addressed the matter on social media. He claimed that he pulled out a gun to defend himself after being confronted by a man who was mad because he said that Tupac’s music was “boring.” Xan said at the time, “I was about to be attacked and resorted to having to use self defense, f**k all you old head a** b****es still talking bout that 2pac s**t live you own life. And stop picking on a kid.”

In other news, Xan took to his Instagram account to share a video in which he revealed to his followers that he had stopped abusing pills and prescription medication for the last few months. In the Tuesday, October 13 clip, he claimed that he had a depression that made him lose confidence. While he said that he’s “doing a lot better,” he admitted that he’s still trying to practice self-love and self-appreciation.

He went on thanking friends and family around him before ending his video by reminding his fans that they are not alone. “Remember to check in on your friends,” he captioned the post.

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