Louise Minchin: BBC Breakfast presenter responds to ‘rude’ move towards co-star Dan Walker

Louise Minchin, 50, and Dan Walker, 42, have worked on BBC Breakfast together for three years.

And having watched them together for a while, one person asked Louise why she “turns her back” on Dan.

The viewer said it looked “rude” to those watching BBC Breakfast.

They said: “@louiseminchin love watching you and @mrdanwalker on @BBCBreakfast but why do you always seem to be turning your back on him? Looks rude.”

I am getting ready for what is next

Louise Minchin

However, Louise cleared it up and explained she’s simply getting prepared for the next segment.

She replied in view of her 158,000 followers: “I am getting ready for what is next.”

This morning, Louise shared a selfie of her and Dan as they prepared for the day ahead.

She captioned the selfie: “Good morning, smile @mrdanwalker! #BBCBreakfast we are awake and ready to get the news to you…”

Yesterday, Louise couldn’t stop laughing as weather presenter, Carol Kirkwood, was comedy gold on the show.

Carol was talking to hosts Louise and Dan from Wimbledon when she was showing off police dog, Ruby.

Whilst holding the lead, the weather presenter was forced to follow the pooch, who was busy sniffing parts of the grounds.

Carol said whilst running away from the camera: “No, we’re going this way! He’s so cute.”

Before she shouted: “Slow down!”

Watching the hilarious event unfold, Louise laughed and said: “Oh Carol, honestly that’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.”

Dan added: “That is a dog taking a human for a walk!”

On the show earlier this week, Dan got a little flustered as he got Carol’s name muddled up.

Speaking about Carol and sports reporter, Sally Nugent, he said: “I’d love to see Sarol and Cally — Carol, did I say that the wrong way?”

Giggling at her co-host mixing up their colleagues’ names, Louise exclaimed: “Sarol and Cally? Who are they?!”

BBC Breakfast airs tomorrow on BBC One at 6am.

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