Martin Lewis finally trusted with key to ITV studio after 170 episodes of his show

Martin Lewis says UK ‘walking into a catastrophe’ on energy

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Martin Lewis, 49, has announced on Twitter, that after 170 episodes of The Martin Lewis Money Show Live, he has been given the key to the studio. The star quipped that he was not adult enough to have a key previously.

The star has been presenting his own show alongside Angellica Bell since 2012.

He posted the jokey message out to his 1.2 million Twitter followers.

He said that he has been doing the show for nine years without a key.

In full, the presenter wrote: “ Huzzah! After around 170 episodes of @itvmlshow over nine years, the last 80 odd having been live, mostly in studio…

“I’ve just been given a fob so I can let myself into the studio.

“AFAIK I’m literally the only person who’s never had one. Boom. I’m now a grown up.”

Fans were quick to jump on to the comment section to join in on the joke.

Some of Martin’s own celebrity friends even joined in to poke fun at him.

@MarkLewis wrote jokingly: “They’ve been fobbing you off.”

@RagnarBelial wrote: “Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility.”

To which Martin responded, saying: “Yes Aunt May.”

@Mrgreybeard2014 quipped: “You can either work in tele or be a grown up. You can’t be both.” (sic)

During an episode of The Martin Lewis Money Show Live last week, the host admitted that he came very close to tears.

On Twitter, he wrote a message saying that he was left feeling “impotent” in not being able to aid consumers desperate for help during fuel poverty.

Posting to his Twitter after the Money Saving Expert show ended, he wrote: “I feel near tears after doing my show.

He said he did what he did “out of a passion for financial justice & providing solutions.”

Continuing, he stated: “To be unable to help a single mum who lost her partner in covid afford her energy bills leaves me feeling impotent…”

He added: “I’m shaking. Intervention is needed.”

In a follow up tweet, he hit out at those who said he should pay to help out the woman in question.

“A few ‘ur rich, pay her bloody energy bill’ replies,” he sighed before explaining. (sic)

“This isn’t about 1 person, it’s a totem for millions who’ll be in fuel poverty.

“Instead I try to give answers, lobby for change, & put my money where my mouth is this way,” he added with a link to his pledge to give £10million to charity.

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