Nicki Minaj Branded Hypocrite After Allegedly Bullying Leigh-Anne Pinnock Fan

The ‘Super Bass’ rapstress faces bullying accusations after she responds to Pablo the Don’s criticism with threats and insults following her Instagram live session with Jesy Nelson.

AceShowbizNicki Minaj seemingly has no plans of letting the heated situation involving her and Leigh-Anne Pinnock cool down. The “Anaconda” hitmaker was branded “hypocrite” after allegedly bullying a fan of the Little Mix singer.

Following her Instagram live streaming with Jesy Nelson, in which the 38-year-old rapper defended Jesy over her blackfishing controversy and dubbed Leigh-Anne “a jealous clown,” a TikTok user Pablo the Don called Nicki out in a clip he shared on the video-sharing app. He said, “Hi my name is Pablo and let me tell y’all something you can do with this information what you will. You will never ever catch me on [Beyonce Knowles]’ internet airing out a black woman in defense of a white woman when the topic of conversation is blackfishing and how racist that is.”

Nicki then responded to the criticism with threats and insults. “Yall love using these trigger words to get ppl bullied & to have ppl drag me. You were probably bullied a lot too. You make vids in your bedroom,” she commented. However, her response has since been taken down.

Upon learning Nicki’s harsh comment, an internet critic tweeted, “Saying don’t bully people while bullying someone is called being a hypocrite point blank period. There’s no justification for that ever.” The post continued to read, “You don’t need to tear someone down to build up someone else. Nicki should’ve let Jesy fight her own battles cause now she’s consequenceless.”

“Jesy blackfishing is worse than what Nicki could comprehend. Not only has Jesy ignored warnings about [blackfishing] she has never supported any black movement to this day,” another insisted. “Not even blm2020 & didn’t support Leigh’s documentary about race & colorism. Nicki shoulda kept out of it bcz she’s getting the hate.”

A third Twitter user penned, “For Nicki to say that people holding Jesy accountable for blackfishing are being bullies sent by Leigh who was silent is wrong period.” The tweet added, “And for her to say the outrage is just because she went solo & it never happened before was also wrong cause it had. Hold her accountable.”

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