Peter Gabriel Shares 'Four Kinds Of Horses' Featuring Brian Eno, Daughter Melanie

Peter Gabriel recently shared “Four Kinds of Horses,” the fifth song to be released from his upcoming album i/o.

Written by Gabriel and produced by Gabriel and Richard Russell, “Four Kinds of Horses” was recorded at Real World Studios in Wiltshire, The Beehive and Copper House in London.

Speaking about the making of the song, Gabriel said, “Four Kinds of Horses actually began on Richard Russell’s project ‘Everything Is Recorded’. He’s a friend (and founder of XL Records) and he asked me to pop in to his studio. I came up with some chords, melodies and words on top of a groove he was working on.”

“We tried a few things that didn’t altogether work and so it laid dormant for quite a while,” he continued. “Then I started playing around with it again and changed the mood and the groove and something else began to emerge with a better chorus.”

“Four Kinds of Horses” also features Brian Eno on synths, John Metcalfe providing string arrangements, and backing vocals from Gabriel’s daughter Melanie.

Continuing the theme of working with a different artist for each song release, this month’s track is accompanied by a cover image featuring the work of Cornelia Parker.

(Photo: Nadav Kander)

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