Phillip Schofield transformation: How star went from ‘nice boy to ladies’ man’

Phillip Schofield has been a permanent fixture on British TV for more than three decades – but his rise to the top was turbulent, tumultuous and full of scandal. As the future-This Morning star’s career skyrocketed, fans felt ever closer to him. They developed a curiosity to know more about the man behind the popular shows he fronted on their television screens. His relationships became a fascination for the wider public, up until Phillip tied the knot with Stephanie Lowe in 1993. But a renewed interest in his love life emerged after the star came out as gay in an Instagram post, back in February. While the pair, who have been married for 27 years and have two daughters, remain married for now, the future is unknown. Unearthed accounts from Phillip’s youth revealed his personal affairs drew just as much attention after his public image morphed from “Mr Squeaky Clean” to desirable and ‘hunky bachelor’. There it was revealed that he would become a romantic muse for “mums and daughters” up and down the country – allegedly leading him to become a “ladies’ man”.

The intriguing change in Phillip Schofield’s persona started back in 1990, shortly after he’d batted away arrows of a BBC executive who dubbed him a “cringey wimp”.   

By this point, the star had also caused controversy when he called unruly teenagers “bloody w*****s” after they pelted eggs at a band during a music festival and one hit a woman in a wheelchair.

Later that year, he flashed his “bare bottom” during a sauna scene on BBC travel show ‘Schofield’s Europe’ – which he later described as a “good giggle”.

The slow breakaway from his “nice boy” image was documented in Robin McGibbon’s 1992 biography ‘Phillip Schofield: The Whole Amazing Story’.

There it could be suggested that another BBC jibe, where he was dubbed “too clean” for a presenting job – that would launch Timmy Mallett’s career – made the star reevaluate his public persona. 

Another theory is that Phillip may have tried to change the way viewers saw him to avoid being pigeonholed as a children’s TV presenter.

Biographer Mr McGibbon wrote that while he established a “whiter-than-white profile” in 1989, the following year “he seemed to do his best to muddy that squeaky clean image”.

It all started with what was described as an “uncharacteristic move”, when the rising star allegedly revealed shocking details about his sex life with former flame Fenella Bathfield. 

The unnamed newspaper that ran the story, claimed Phillip told them about his “most bizarre relationship” with the New Zealand DJ.

He allegedly said that while they didn’t see one another for large periods of time, when they did it was like a “smouldering fire”.

Phillip was quoted as saying, “it‘s fun that feels naughty” when he revealed the ‘loved-up’ pair had to cram everything into their three weeks together.

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Ms Bathfield was not furious about the claims according to biographer Mr McGibbon, and put out her own statement to put the record straight. 

She said: “I’m going to ring him and tell him to stop making these remarks – they’re getting very boring. 

“Certainly I was very close to Phillip, but now I’ve met someone else, he is a thing of the past.”

Their salacious spat would go on to make “headlines in both countries” – but the revelations about the star’s love life wouldn’t stop there.

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Whenever Phillip was quizzed about his relationship status, the star explained that he had no time for girlfriends due to his busy work schedule.

But by the spring of 1991, in a candid confession he revealed that he feared he had “forgotten how to fall in love”, according to Mr McGibbon.

Phillip told an interviewer of the time that he hoped: “When the time comes for someone to open the door to my heart, the lock hasn’t rusted.”

Despite his companionship concerns, Mr McGibbon claimed the bachelor “was not lacking in offers for romance – or blatant lust”.

Some of the public’s burning desire for him was only fuelled by BBC TV show ‘Schofield’s Europe’ which aired at 8.05pm – meaning that adults could watch him too.

Mr McGibbon wrote: “He was getting around 2,000 letters a week, but now, mothers were writing to him as well as their daughters. 

“And when it came to sexy suggestions, Phillip had to admit the mums had the more creative imaginations.” 

At the time, it was uncertain whether Phillip had a “steady girlfriend or not” but what is known is that he had already met future wife of 27 years Stephanie Lowe.

He was introduced to the then-24 year-old by fellow children’s TV presenter Andy Crane at a party. 

Biographer Mr McGibbon wrote: “They had hit it off immediately and, it seemed, they were seeing more and more of each other.

“Whether Stephanie Lowe was trying to open the door to his heart, he was not publicly admitting.

“But it does seem certain, in view of what was to emerge later, that she was.”

It’s claimed that the pair kept their initial courtship secret – hiding their romance away from prying public eyes.

This was only reinforced by rumours a few months later that she had moved into his Chiswick home.

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