Piers Morgan: GMB host admits he’s ‘glad’ he wasn’t on show amid jazz hands debate

Susanna Reid was joined by co-host Ben Shepherd on Good Morning Britain yesterday, and they welcomed guest Ellen Scott who voiced her opinion on wanting to ban clapping and introducing jazz hands instead. Piers Morgan said on Twitter he was “glad” he wasn’t on the show to have the debate.

Re-posting a video clip of a moment from the discussion, Piers wrote: “FFS. I’m glad I wasn’t on today or this may have triggered my anxiety of cretinous snowflakes.”(sic)

In the clip, Susanna asked: “What is upsetting about clapping?”

Ellen replied: “It’s not just about people who have anxiety, it’s also people who have hearing aids, clapping can be disruptive to that.

“People who have sensory processing issues, it can be very distressing and overwhelming to have those loud sudden noises.”


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“But it is part of our culture, isn’t it, to clap?” Susanna responded. “You go to the theatre, or a lecturer, a performance, a gig, you would expect people would clap.”

“Absolutely,” Ellen replied. “That could be preventing people from going to those events which is a real shame so if some theatres or some universities say we’re going to be more inclusive and do jazz hands instead, that would be lovely and more people could get involved.”

Ellen added she doesn’t think there would be a penalty for clapping but said it wouldn’t be polite if someone was clapping when others were doing jazz hands.

Many of Piers’ 6.9 million Twitter followers responded to him slamming the debate as they agreed with him.

One person wrote: “That’s it, I’m done living on this planet, has anybody got a one way ticket to Mars.”

Another asked: “If you were sensitive to loud noises why would you go to the theatre to begin with?”

A third person said to Piers: “What if jazz hands causes me anxiety?”

The TV host replied: “EXACTLY… and what about the appalling exclusion of blind people who won’t know people are clapping with jazz hands? And ‘jazz hands’ are racist too!”

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One of Piers’ sons, Spencer, agreed with his dad as he re-shared the clip to his own Twitter followers.

He wrote alongside it: “When can we ban morons?”

Earlier in the week on Good Morning Britain, Piers spoke about how the team did on a celebrity version of The Chase, which is set to air Saturday night.

Piers revealed he didn’t do very well on the show, and only won £3,000 in the cash builder challenge.

He said he had a “brain freeze” on the ITV quiz programme, as he failed to answer a question on Cockney rhyming slang.

Bradley Walsh asked: “In Cockney rhyming slang, borrow and beg refers to what breakfast food?”

Piers failed to answer and said “pass”, to which Bradley told him: “Egg.”

The presenter stated: “I thought it was a horror story. I didn’t know the first question and it threw me. It was terrifying.”

Good Morning Britain airs on ITV from 6am weekdays.

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