Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla Travel to Berlin for the National Day of Mourning

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have made their first overseas trip since the COVID-19 pandemic started earlier this year. This weekend, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall traveled to Berlin, Germany to attend a wreath-laying ceremony at the Neue Wache Memorial, and the Central Remembrance Ceremony at the German parliament. The royals will commemorate National Day of Mourning for victims of war during their visit.

Per the BBC, during the visit, Charles addressed Brexit and said, “The United Kingdom has chosen a future outside the European Union, and the relationship between our countries is evolving once again. Its shape is a matter negotiated between our governments and its essence is defined by the enduring connections between our people.”

He continued, “It is, therefore, my heartfelt belief that the fundamental bond between us will remain strong: we will always be friends, partners, and allies. As our countries begin this new chapter in our long history, let us reaffirm our bond for the years ahead.”

The official Clarence House Instagram account shared updates about Charles and Camilla’s trip. A caption explained, “The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall have arrived in Berlin, Germany, and will attend events tomorrow to commemorate the annual National Day of Mourning, which this year will focus on British-German relations.”

“The visit will be a unique opportunity for Their Royal Highnesses to pay tribute to all victims of war and tyranny, and pledge the UK’s continued commitment to friendship with Germany,” the caption continued.

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