Prince Harry & Meghan held hands after QEIIs procession, which is a problem?

The history of the Duchess of Sussex’s procession coat keeps getting mixed up in the fashion reporting! When Meghan was a working royal, she wore this black Givenchy coat to two different events, months apart. We first saw this at the 2018 Remembrance Day, when Meghan was pregnant with Archie. Then later in her pregnancy, in 2019, she re-wore the coat when she visited the Association of Commonwealth Universities. I have no idea if the Givenchy coat was intended as a maternity dress coat or if Meghan simply got one a little bit bigger than she needed at the time. But she rewore it on Wednesday, for the Windsors’ big procession down the Mall. Meghan updated the look with a Loewe purse and Paul Andrew pumps. She also wore a pair of pearl earrings which were a gift from Queen Elizabeth II.

Meanwhile, people are losing their minds over the fact that Meghan and Harry left Westminster Hall holding hands. During the actual, formal procession part, Harry and Meghan stood apart and at attention, with respect. The rows of royals all took their turn bowing and curtsying to Queen Elizabeth’s coffin and the literal crown. Then, as the Sussexes walked away after paying their respects, they held hands. I have no idea how many people were actually freaking out about it, but all I saw on social media was all of the people yelling at the haters. Sometimes the Sussex Squad accidentally elevates and amplifies the hatred of just a few. In any case, there’s a whole big thing about it now, even though Mike and Zara Tindall also held hands as they exited Westminster Hall too.

I don’t know, it sounds more like Buttons’ fans were mad that William and Kate always have so much S-P-A-C-E between them?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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