Rachel Shenton left All Creatures Great and Small co-star Nicholas concerned over stunt

All Creatures Great and Small: Nicholas Ralph teases more seasons

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All Creatures Great and Small actress Rachel Shenton left her co-star “concerned” ahead of performing a stunt on the Channel 5 show. Nicholas Ralph, who plays the Scottish vet James Herriot, addressed the daring scene that he and Rachel had to do for a recent episode, which left them wondering whether their weight would be supported on the set.

I wondered if it was going to hold us

Nicholas Ralph

Fans of the Channel 5 show have been waiting for the couple to kiss and although Nicolas didn’t give anything away, the actor spoke about filming a particular scene which made the situation look likely.

After reading the scene about him and Rachel, who plays farmer Helen Alderson, Nicholas branded the daring stunt as “perfect” for the show.

He said: “I remember I read the scene and thought, ‘This is perfect’”.

The scene saw both Nicholas and Rachel sit on the top of a barn, which the actor said he was worried about not holding their weight.

He explained to The Mirror: “However, when I first saw the barn had a slate roof, I wondered if it was going to hold us but thankfully it was fine when we were actually up there.

“We had to be harnessed on to the top.

“But the top was flat and wide so once we were up there it was absolutely fine,” he revealed.

Speaking about watching the scene back, Nicholas said: “Watching it after, I just thought, ‘This is stunning’.”

Last month saw Rachel open up about the new additions to the Alderson family ahead of the second series.

The star revealed that the Alderson family have taken on more animals.

She explained: “In the Alderson House, we have a new pet called Scruff, real name Bobby. She’s a little working Cocker Spaniel and she was nine months old when she joined us, and she was super lively as she was a pup.”

However, she admitted the pooch does not always stick to the script or follow cues.

She added: “We were doing a photo shoot on set and Bobby was in the back of a cart and every time the camera went off, she jumped straight off the cart and out of her position.”

The award-winning actress recalled a scene where Helen was making a cooked breakfast in the Alderson House, but the pup kept sneaking up to the table after being intrigued by the smell.

All Creatures Great and Small follows the lives of three veterinarians living and working in the Yorkshire Dales, during 1937.

It primarily followed James as he was fresh out of college and moved from Glasgow to pursue his dreams at Siegfried Farnon’s (Samuel West) veterinary clinic.

He soon discovered the owners were just as complicated as the animals he cared for, with season two forcing him to make difficult decisions.

The current series is the most recent on screen adaptation of novels by veterinary surgeon Alf Wight, who wrote under the pseudonym James Herriot.

Following the success of the books, the BBC made it into a television series which aired from 1978 until 1990.

All Creatures Great and Small continues tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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