‘Reminder to stay away!’ Kirstie Allsopp hits back as she’s criticised over outfit on show

Kirstie Allsopp admits she doesn't like 'mean' reputation

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Kirstie Allsopp, 50, did not hold back in her response to a social media user who blasted the dress she wore yesterday on Love It or List It. The TV star took to her Twitter account to fire back at the criticism she received in view of her 425,000 followers.

She had retweeted a post by TV production company Raise The Roof, which featured a picture of Kirstie and fellow presenter Phil Spencer.

The tweet, sent on Wednesday, read: “Baptist Ministers Chris and Caroline are in need of divine intervention with @KirstieMAllsopp & @PhilSpencerTV in Alnwick.

“Tune in tonight 8pm, C4 #LIOLI.

“We’re also looking to help more families decide whether to stay or go, email [email protected]

Kirstie added: “This show is a joy, not least because it is a house type that SO many people live in yet the tweaks makes all the difference (though is it enough of a difference?)”

But Twitter user FrankMcLynn seemed less than impressed with Kirstie’s long, flowery dress.

They responded: “Your dress is truly awful.”

Earlier today, Kirstie quote-tweeted the message to address the criticism.

She penned: “Things like this are a regularly reminder to stay away from Twitter.

“One person sent a lovely message saying ‘love your dress, where’s it from’ but stupidly it’s Frank’s message that has more power, stupid, weak me of course.”

In the face of disapproving critics, fans of the TV presenter replied to her tweet to send her messages of support.

Brodieloftus said: “I love your style, you know what you like & what suits you.

“Not everyone in life will like things about you, nor you about them.

“We don’t like Franks rudeness – doubt he’ll change though.” (sic)

Superkat24 added: “I love your dresses and always wonder they are from.

“Though I am pretty sure I could not carry them off as elegantly as you!

“Try ignore the haters, I know it’s hard but they can’t be nice people at all so aren’t worth wasting time on!”

ClareLouCoop penned: “You always look fabulous! You come across as a strong person.

“Don’t let weaker people get under your skin.

“They are to be pitied. Rise above! XX”

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