Selena Gomez's Mom, Mandy Teefey, Just Shut Down Some Body Shamers Who DMed Her on IG

Attention, trolls of the internet: Do not—we repeat, do *not*—come for Mandy Teefey with shady comments about her body. And if you do, be prepared for her to come right back at you.

This weekend, Mandy taught a masterclass in shutting down trolls after several took it upon themselves to slide into her DMs with “helpful” weight loss tips (for the low, low price of $5K, no less 🙄).

For a little context, the messages poured in this week after Mandy appeared on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine with her daughter, Selena Gomez, and their Wondermind co-founder, Daniella Pierson, to celebrate the upcoming launch of the media company, which Mandy described on Instagram as the “first mental fitness ecosystem” that will help people find the right support and tools to manage their mental health and thrive. So, basically, Mandy, Selena, and Daniella graced the cover of a major magazine to promote a new venture that is obviously a passion project for them and has a fantastic mission with the potential to do worlds of good. This should have been an unambiguously joyous occasion.

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But Mandy *knew* it wouldn’t be because she’s a human who is alive and active on social media in 2021 and trolls are A) the worst and B) predictable AF. Earlier this year, Mandy was hospitalized with and nearly died of double pneumonia. After making what she described in her post as a “miracle” recovery, Mandy gained 60lbs and dealt with inflammation from the infection. Just three and a half weeks later, she posed for the Entrepreneur cover and knew, in that very sad but all-too-relatable way, that even though the cover was a celebration of an amazing professional project, some people would inevitably be more focused on the fact that her body looked different than any of the positive things the cover represents.

Which brings us to Mandy’s post about the situation, which included three images and one epic caption. Let’s begin with the images. The gallery post included a screenshot of one DM she received, in which the very helpful and concerned citizen (/sarcasm, clearly) explained to Mandy that she can lose weight without medication and then offered to “take an online course and help” her if she would send them $5,000 (to which Mandy was presumably like, “lol scammer gtfo of my inbox”). The simultaneously scammy and trolly DM is laughable, but the next picture in the series isn’t remotely funny and shows Mandy in the hospital during her battle with double pneumonia, when she was told she had just two days to live (the final picture is another of Mandy in the hospital, but this time from the day she was released, having beat the odds and survived her illness).

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Everything about this post proves that Mandy has strength and empathy in spades—aka that she’s exactly the kind of person we would want to be an integral part of a company like Wondermind.

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