Shawn Mendes Denies Dating Camila Cabello When Called On It By A Fan — Watch!

So are these two a thing, or what?!

As we’ve been reporting the last few days, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are making waves and sparking romance rumors after our exclusive pictures surfaced of the pair getting cozy — but according to Mendes himself, is it all just phony?!

As you all are no doubt well aware, Shawn is performing at Staples Center in El Lay this weekend, with shows going down both Friday AND Saturday night (and yes, he dealt with the earthquakes just like the rest of us in SoCal did the other day)…

But during a Q&A session before the show on Saturday, a fan got fed up with how little info everybody was getting on this apparent couple, and she straight up asked Shawn if he was dating Camila right now!!! Way to cut the chase! Ha!!!

As you can tell in two different angles from the moment (below) that have since gone viral on social media, Mendes pretty strongly denies dating Cabello with a major head shake of ‘no’ while trying to walk back the rumors and keep things in check. Watch him flat-out deny it here (below):


OK, first off, the fan’s whole question caught on tape was really something (below):

“Are you dating Camila? And if not, will you go out with me?”


His response, if you can’t hear it on tape there (below):

“That was the best setup to ‘Will you go out with me’ I’ve ever heard. I won’t, but I don’t know you. That’s why. Get to know me first.”


But cuteness aside, his strong denial about dating Camila makes us wonder… because she was pretty clearly fan-girling HARD over his Friday night show in El Lay, showing off Instagram Stories videos on her account cheering for him and having the time of her life.

And of course that’s not to mention the EXCLUSIVE pics we produced showing the two of them more than a little cozy together a few weeks back — which would seem to indicate that there is SOME sort of history here between Shawn and Camila!!!

Remember, Perezcious readers — this one started with a music video. Is the chemistry for real, and Mendes is playing it down at a Q&A, or are things fake as can be and both have something to gain from spreading the stories??? Sound OFF with your take on the matter in the comments (below)!!!!

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