Stacey Solomon shares ‘exhausted and sad’ update as maternity leave not how she ‘imagined’

Stacey Solomon paints shed into Christmas grotto with son Rex

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Stacey Solomon, 32, has posted an honest update on Instagram about feeling “exhausted” during her maternity leave. The singer admitted she hasn’t been able to do what she wanted in her time away from work because she’s been feeling so tired.

Stacey opened up to her 4.8 million followers on Friday night as she posted an update with baby Rose.

Appearing in a video, she explained how “exhausted” she was feeling as a new mum.

“Back in bed – shocker,” she captioned one of her Instagram Story shots.

“I am as exhausted as I look. I look like my little brother at the moment.”

In a second snap, Stacey explained how she was hoping to get some “energy” back.

The star continued: “I can’t wait to get some energy and do all of the things I imagined I’d do on maternity.

“I feel a bit sad that it’s flying by and the days are so short and I’m not doing anything because I’m more than half way through it and I’m feeling like I don’t want it to be over.” (sic)

Stacey then quipped how Rose doesn’t feel the same way.

She penned: “Rose is just like ‘I don’t care where we go as long as those boobs come with us’.”

Stacey shares baby Rose with her fiance Joe Swash.

She was born at her home on her birthday as Stacey announced her birth on Instagram.

Announcing her name on the platform a week later, the star shared the meaning behind it.

She penned: “Rose Opal, Esmè Solomon-Swash.

“Our beautiful flower – Our precious jewel – who is ever loved.

“It’s been the most magical week. We love you to the moon and back our little Rose.

“We feel so so lucky to have you here…

“Thank you all for your loveliness, your kindness and just being there at 3am for a chat it’s been the best. Love you all.”

Joe has also been documenting Stacey’s exhaustion on his social media.

He recently posted a picture of his fiancee falling asleep while sitting up.

In a video to his 1.8 million followers he said: “Oh, mummy’s had a long day.

“Who falls asleep like that anyway?

“What do I do, let her sleep like that or wake her up?

“If I let her sleep like that and she wakes up with a bad neck I will not hear that last of it.”

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