Takes time to get up to speed Anne Hegerty talks Chase co-star Darragh Ennis £75k loss

The Chase: Darragh Ennis mocks Bradley Walsh’s humour

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Anne Hegerty, 63, has spoken to Express.co.uk exclusively about The Chase and her co-stars. The Governess mentioned Darragh Ennis’, 40, huge £75,000 defeat on the ITV game show.

Every new Chaser takes a bit of time to get up to speed.

Anne Hegerty

The Governess said: “Every new Chaser takes a bit of time to get up to speed.”

Anne added that The Chase is not filmed in order, and some new episodes are up to two years old.

She said: “The thing is, shows don’t go out in order.

“So that was the first Darragh loss that has been seen, but you know there are others to come.

“We all knew Darragh was going to have some loses at the start and it just happens to be they are playing now.

“Some of Darragh’s losses will be from 2019.”

Anne herself has been a Chaser since 2010, with Darragh joining in 2020.

The episode in question aired on August 31 and was filming 18 months prior.

Darragh was up against 20-year-old Eden, a contestant who was not playing too well at first.

Eden won an initial £3,000 during the cash builder stage, shocking viewers when he opted for the £75,000 cash prize.

He was the only contestant on his team to make it back, leaving him to fight by himself to keep the £75,000.

Eden answered a staggering 18 questions correctly, meaning Darragh had to be on top form.

There were a number of push backs from the 20-year-old, and this led to Eden narrowly winning the cash prize.

In one of the first episodes Darragh filmed as a Chaser, he allowed a 20-year-old to be the biggest solo winner.

Host Bradley Walsh said: “I can’t believe it! This is incredible, he’s 20 years old and just won £75,000.

“It’s the single highest win in daytime history.”

A beaten Darragh said: “You did very well, it was all about the push backs in the end.”

Darragh took part in the show as a contestant in 2017 and fans were blown away with his skills.

He banked £9,000 in his cash builder and successfully managed to take his amount home.

You catch watch The Chase weekdays at 5pm or Beat the Chasers on Saturdays at 8.30pm

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