‘The Bachelorette’: Hannah’s 15 Hottest Photos With Her Final 3 Guys

Ahead of the season finale of ‘The Bachelorette,’ look back at the hottest photos of Hannah Brown with her final three guys, Jed, Peter and Tyler!

Hannah Brown’s journey on The Bachelorette comes to an end during the two part finale on July 29 and 30, and she has a big decision to make: Will she end up with Peter Weber, Jed Wyatt or Tyler Cameron?! All three guys have had quite a connection with Hannah all season long, and they each shared some special moments with her during their time on the show. Check out Hannah’s hottest photos with all three guys by clicking through the gallery above!

Peter and Hannah had one of the most buzzed-about storylines this season after she admitted to having sex with him in a windmill (twice!) on their fantasy suite date. Things have always been super steamy between Hannah and Peter, and spending overnight time together only intensified their connection. Peter is a pilot, and he flew Hannah around Los Angeles when she visited his hometown, which was hot AND romantic, as well.

Hannah’s physical connection with Tyler might just be the steamiest of all, though. In fact, she was so confident in their ability to get physical, that she told him she didn’t even want to have sex with him in the fantasy suite! Instead, they used their alone time to connect on a more emotional level, and it definitely seems to have paid off. Aside from his good looks, Tyler is also super sweet and charming, and has been a rock for Hannah during her tough times throughout the show.

Meanwhile, Hannah also seems to be totally enamored by Jed, who is a musician and has already written and sung Hannah a number of songs on the show. Hannah and Jed’s connection cannot be denied, and they’ve shared many sweet and intimate moments this season. Check out these and more in the gallery above!

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