‘The Bye Bye Man’ Director Stacy Title Dies at 56

The female filmmaker, who received an Oscar nomination for her short movie ‘Down on the Waterfront’ in 1994, has passed away at the age of 56 after a three-year battle with ALS.

AceShowbiz -“The Bye Bye Man” director Stacy Title has died aged 56.

The Oscar-nominated filmmaker passed away on Monday (11Jan21), after a three-year battle with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) – a progressive nervous system disease. Her manager, producing partner and close friend Dannie Festa confirmed her death to Deadline.

Title first made headlines back in 1993 with the release of her short film “Down on the Waterfront“, which earned her an Oscar nomination the following year. She then made her feature directorial debut in 1994 with “The Last Supper“, starring Cameron Diaz.

Title then began making horror movies – with Let the “Devil Wear Black” in 1999 and Snoop Dogg‘s “Hood of Horror” in 2006 – but didn’t achieve great success until 2017 when she released “The Bye Bye Man”.

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However, while the film started opening doors for Title, she suffered tragedy in her personal life, following a car accident after which she underwent medical tests and discovered she had ALS. The disease progressed at speed until September 2018 when Title was on a feeding tube and ventilator.

But she was determined to try and make one final movie, and had attached Jason Alexander, Cary Elwes, and Bob Odenkirk to star in “Walking Time Bomb“, but died before the film was made.

Title is survived by husband Jonathan Penner and their two children.

“I don’t want to die, but I’m going to eventually,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in 2018. “But until then I want to live and direct – doing what I love will be part of my legacy. I don’t want to sit shut away in my chair. I think this will be a beautiful, fun, challenging process for all of us, and I am happy. I want to stay happy.”

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