The clues that have Taylor Swift fans convinced mystery memoir is hers

Is mystery book REALLY Taylor Swift’s long-awaited memoir? The clues that have Swifties everywhere pre-ordering untitled work they believe is star’s bombshell autobiography

World-renowned popstar Taylor Swift has never announced plans to release a book or autobiography of any kind.

But that hasn’t stopped thousands of Swifties – the singer’s legion of loyal fans – from furiously pre-ordering a new mystery read in the hopes the book is in fact a memoir penned by their idol. 

A blank work by publisher Flatiron Books – known only as ‘4C Untitled Flatiron Nonfiction Summer 2023’ – currently sits at #1 on the Barnes & Nobles pre-sales charts and earlier this week ranked as high as #2 on Amazon’s book list.

The hardcover version is up for pre-order for $45, with the Kindle version available for $29.99, and is now marked as ‘temporarily out of stock’ on Amazon due to the sheer quantity of orders.

It comes despite no official statement from Flatiron Books or the popstar herself confirming the unidentified read – but a series of uncanny clues has lent more credence to the Swiftie’s blind faith.

Here, MailOnline combs through all the evidence that hints the 33-year-old megastar may be the mystery author behind ‘4C Untitled Flatiron Nonfiction Summer 2023’… 

A mystery work from Flatiron Books, currently known only as ‘4C Untitled Flatiron Nonfiction Summer 2023’, will be published July 9. Many fans believe the secretive work is in fact a memoir from Taylor Swift

The hardcover version is up for pre-order for $45, with the Kindle version available for $29.99, and is now marked as ‘temporarily out of stock’ on Amazon due to the sheer quantity of orders

Notes sent to publishers by a book cataloguing software company were leaked online and appeared to reveal June 13 as the day the book’s title will be revealed

Clue #1: The number 13

The Swiftie speculation was sparked on Monday after notes sent to publishers by a book cataloguing software company were apparently leaked online.

The note claimed Flatiron was releasing a ‘major nonfiction book this summer’, described as ‘a biography or autobiography that will have global appeal and will have massive publicity’. 

‘I would (compare) this to Flatiron’s Matthew Perry memoir … and a little bit to Spare by Prince Harry,’ the note read, specifying the book’s title would be revealed on June 13.

It is a widely known fact among Swifties that 13, while unlucky for some, is considered by the singer to be very much the opposite.

‘I was born on the 13th, I turned 13 on Friday the 13th, my first album went gold in 13 weeks,’ she once said in an interview with Jay Leno. 

The constituent numbers of the book’s page count add up to 13

‘Also, my first song that ever went number 1, it had a 13 second intro, I didn’t even do that on purpose! And every time I’ve ever won an award at an award show, I’ve either been seated in the 13th row, or row M, which is the 13th letter.’

Swift’s Twitter handle even reads @taylorswift13. 

And although few details of the book have been released, its page count was set at 544. 

Sleuthing Swifties noted with delight that 5+4+4 adds up to – you guessed it – 13. 

Meanwhile, the audiobook version’s runtime is listed as 13 hours. 

Clue #2: July 9 

Swift is in the process re-recording several of her old tracks after former manager Scooter Braun bought the ownership of her first six albums in 2020.

The artist made several failed attempts to purchase back the rights to her previous albums, which she never actually owned as she signed her first record deal as a young teen.

Now she intends to release the re-recorded hits, meaning she will retain creative control and profit off of any streams or purchases of the tracks, instead of Braun.

Earlier this month, Swift made a bombshell announcement on social media that she would release a new, re-recorded ‘Taylor’s Version’ of her 2010 album, Speak Now, on July 7.

According to Flatiron, the mystery book will be launched just two days later on July 9.

In her social media announcement of the Speak Now album’s re-release on July 7, the star cryptically added: ‘Just in time for July 9th, iykyk (if you know you know).’

The all-important date was also mentioned in Swift’s song Last Kiss, which appears on the Speak Now album.

Earlier this month, Swift said she would release a new, re-recorded ‘Taylor’s Version’ of her 2010 album, Speak Now, on July 7, with the comment ‘just in time for July 9, iykyk’. The mystery book is set for a July 9 release

In a short statement accompanying the album release announcement, Swift referred addressed her fans as ‘Dear Reader’ 

Clue #3: ‘Dear Reader’ 

The social media posts published by Swift announcing the launch of her re-recorded album and the July 9 quip were accompanied by a pair of images.

One simply showed an image of Swift sporting long blonde curls and an off-the-shoulder purple dress.

But the other included a short statement thanking her fans for their support and voicing her excitement over the release of the album.

In it, she addressed her fans not as ‘listeners’, ‘followers’ or ‘supporters’, but as ‘Dear Reader’, lending yet more credence to the Swifties’ suspicions that she is set to release a memoir.

It comes as Swift, who revealed to the crowd at her recent show in Nashville on Friday night that she intends to re-release the Speak Now album, admitted that she takes great delight in cooking up surprises for her fans.

The beloved singer-songwriter told the Nashville crowd on Friday: ‘You know how I love to plan things, and how I love to surprise you with the things I plan. It’s my love language with you — I plot, I scheme, I plan and I get to tell you about it.’

Clue #4: All Too Well short film 

The final clue suggesting that ‘4C Untitled Flatiron Nonfiction Summer 2023’ could be a collection of tales from Swift’s life is derived from a scene in All Too Well – a short film written and directed by the star that was released in 2021.

In the 15-minute clip – a film adaptation of her eponymous 2012 hit – two lovers are depicted falling for one another before ultimately breaking up due to a considerable age gap and irreconcilable differences.

In one particularly poignant scene, Her – the female character – becomes an author and releases a book chronicling the relationship and her heartbreak. 

Her is then seen reading an excerpt from the book to fans at a packed bookstore.

The plot has led Swifties to theorize that the singer-songwriter herself is set to live out the scene for real by releasing a memoir of her career along with juicy details of her highly-publicized romances. 

A scene from a 2021 short film written and directed by the singer-songwriter shows a female character reading an excerpt from memoirs of heartbreak to a packed bookstore

Sweeter than fiction… or just too good to be true?

While the clues above seem to add up to more than mere coincidence, there are still plenty of factors to suggest that Swifties clamouring for an autobiography may have to shake it off.

The singer is fully immersed in the US leg of a massive world tour, whose dates extend well beyond the book’s release date. 

She will play back-to-back shows on July 7 and 8 in Kansas City before packing up to play Denver the following weekend, with no break scheduled for any would-be book launch events or appearances.

Hollywood bible Variety has also categorically dismissed claims Swift is set to release a book.

‘She is not gearing up to release a memoir almost simultaneously with her next album and smack in the middle of a national stadium tour, which might count as an excessive exercise in synergy, even for someone as capable of project multitasking as Taylor Swift.’

Meanwhile, Flatiron Books has remained silent and have not given any indication the mystery read was penned by Swift. MailOnline has contacted the publisher for comment. 

Several bookstores have already reported hundreds of pre-order cancellations after Variety’s report ruled out the possibility of a Swift autobiography, while others like Wisconsin’s Blue House Books announced they will offer full refunds to over-eager Swifties who placed preorders should the unidentified title turn out to be a dud. 

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