The Masked Dancer’s Cotton Candy Unmasked as Olympic Gold Medalist, Opens Up About That Scary Fall


The Masked Dancer has revealed the identity of Cotton Candy after Wednesday night’s (February 17) season one finale!

It was a close competition with three amazing dancers – Cotton Candy, Tulip and Sloth.

If you missed it, find out which celeb was underneath the Tulip mask, who came in third place!

The panelists had many guesses for Cotton Candy, from ice skaters to gymnasts, and even a professional dancer. Their guesses throughout the season included Tara Lipinski, Simone Biles, Jenna Dewan, P!NK, Emma Watson, Gabby Douglas and even Selena Gomez.

SPOILER ALERT – Cotton Candy was crowned the winner of the season!! Click inside to find out who she was…

Cotton Candy was revealed to be three-time Olympic gold medalist, gymnast Gabby Douglas!!

“ah! i finally get to share the mysterious and amazing journey that i will never forget. thank you so much @maskeddancerfox for having me. it was a huge honor to be apart of the show. i loved every single moment. i loved that you all made it about family, heart, passion, joy, and character. i will forever cherish this experience. i could not have made it without my beautiful team beside me. @9grantgilmore9 @ohheywilllacey this trophy belongs to you and i love you both immensely,” Gabby shared on Instagram.

“and lastly, s/o to all of the wonderful dancers and choreographers who were soo amazing to work with 🍬 thank you so much for all of the laughs, patience, and hard work. i love you all,” she added.

Gabby is set to make an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday (February 18), and in her interview, she opened up about that super scary fall early in the season.

“I think it was at least 8 to 10 feet in the air, and that was my first time ever doing aerial work, it was super fun,” she said. “My left shoulder got too much outside of the ring and that’s why I fell. But honestly, I was so fortunate and grateful to have Cotton Candy’s full getup on because she softened the fall.”

Ellen then mentioned that people were worried that she wasn’t talking right after the fall, and this is why…

“When I fell, I am very, I love my teeth, and so I was checking each and every tooth to see if they were still there,” Gabby recalls. “I was like, ‘No, please. No chips or anything.’ So I’m like checking my teeth and everyone’s like, ‘Cotton Candy, speak to us. Are you in pain?’ And I’m just on the floor for at least two minutes, like, ‘My teeth are good, my teeth are fine.’ They’re like, ‘Call the ambulance, call the ambulance!’ And I’m like maybe I should get up and tell them that I’m fine. So I get up and I’m like, ‘Let’s go again, guys!’”

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